Brake nipple dust caps - mfarrow
Question: are these really necessary?

They're obviously there for a reason, but is it a good one? I lost two last month when I forgot to put them back when changing the fluid.

I went into Ford asking for some and they said they don't do them. Seemed odd as I have microfiche and there's definately a part number listed for them! Halford's were just thick and proceeded upon hearing the word "dust" and "cap" somewhere in "have you got any dust caps for brake nipples please?" to hand me a packet of tyre valve caps!

Thanks in advance.
Mike Farrow
Brake nipple dust caps - smoke
just type in the part number, and discription, and Trevor or Roger usually contact back in a few hours to say total delivery price etc.
Found these people excellant.
no link obviously
Brake nipple dust caps - Cliff Pope
Try the plastic caps from old washing up liquid bottles. Depends on nipple size of course (if that's not a censorable remark).
Brake nipple dust caps - sierraman
To answer your question,they are a good idea,I have often had to deal with blocked ones,particularly forward facing ones on front calipers.Try a proper bike shop(not Halfords)that stocks spares for Hope or Shimano disc brakes,or maybe motorbike shops have them.
Brake nipple dust caps - Aprilia
'Proper' motor factors often have them (i.e. places frequented by the trade - not Halfords or A1 motorstores etc).
Brake nipple dust caps - kithmo
They are there to stop water ingress into the nipple, which causes rust and eventual seizure of the nipple and the inevitable shearing off of the nipple next time an attempt is made to undo it.
Recipe for a home made nipple cover:
Warm a bit of plastic windscreen washer tube over a flame (gas cooker ring) and squeeze weld it together with some pliers, cut the "welded" end off long enough to fit over the nipple.
Brake nipple dust caps - mfarrow
Thanks chaps.

I haven't tried any pedal bike shops, but probably because I live in Royal Leamington Bleeding Spa, not 1 of the 3 'local' factors stock them, neither does the motorbike shop.

I'll have a go at when I next have a shopping list.

Mike Farrow
Brake nipple dust caps - mfarrow
I've just bought some from

Price from them was £0.69 each.

For future reference, the FINIS code for these is 1473927.

Mike Farrow
Brake nipple dust caps - Pete M
On the other hand, a while back I was hanging around outside the garage where I get my MOTs done, waiting for him to open up. I amused myself by picking up assorted washers, screws, bolts,... and a nice selection of brake nipple dust caps. My cars all seem to have lost them, so now they are better off. It also indicates where most of them go missing.
Brake nipple dust caps - DL
The reason for the displaced ones is that new cylinders and calipers come with new cap - hence the discarded ones.....
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Brake nipple dust caps - mfarrow
It also indicates where most of them
go missing.

Nah, I lost them on my driveway when I renewed the brake fluid!

Having recieved them, I'm a bit disappointed. For the price, they're not as good as the ones on the front (Ford original) which are "fatter" and ribbed to aid removal.

Mike Farrow
Brake nipple dust caps - martint123
Scrap yards are wonderful places for small but expensive bits of trim and things like that. I got a bagfull of odd trim clips, carpet clips, door rubbers, nuts&bolts, pedal rubbers "give us a quid" was the cost (on top of the wiper motor I went in for).



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