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battery warning light - alvin booth
Pulled up in the drive today with the wifes maestro Turbo Diesel.
Taking the key out the red battery charging light remained on.
RE-starting the engine and it goes out as it shoud.
Turning the ignition key to position 2 when it should remain on with all other lamps it goes out.!!!!
Any ideas ????? The fan belt is OK.
Re: battery warning light - Marman
The Maestro I used to have had just about everything go wrong with it I could possibly think of, but I have never come across that one.
Re: battery warning light - David W

A failing ign switch can give these/similar symptoms.

Re: battery warning light - David Davies
I'm pretty sure this is an alternator problem. If you disconnect the alternator,with the engine not running of course,the warning light will not show on the instrument panel. Try it.
Re: battery warning light - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Failed diode pack in the alternator. It will drain the battery if you leave it connected BTW.
Re: Battery warning light - alvin booth
Thanks fella's
I feel sure your'e right about the alternator.
Andrew Moorey was right about it draining the battery.
This morning I went out to the car and the lamp had gone out.
Put the key in with trepidation hoping that it had cured itself. but no: it had gone out because the battery was so flat it wouldn't even light up the lamp,
Put the battery charger on and the needle slammed up against the stop and buzzed as if it were taking off. Disconected the battery and put the charger on and its been putting in about 5 amps all day.
If it starts in the morning I will take it down to the auto -electrician and let him see to it.
Thanks for all the advice it was excellent.
Battery warning light - David Lacey
Yep, they're right - we used to see this alot with the Lucas Alternator fitted to the Montego/Maestro TD's.
Recon alternator GXE2297 will see a cure (about £69 IIRC)

Kind regards

Re: Battery warning light - Andy Bairsto
If you have a soldring iron and a bit of time it will cost you about 5ukp to fit some new diodes or they may even be sold as a kit .thats all recon firms do no matter what they say
Re: battery warning light - Andrew
The most unreliable car i have ever had was a Metro , i had the exact problem you describe and can confirm the above comments reguarding the Diode pack being faulty , one of the diodes has gone short circuit, repair is quite easy requiring only a cheap diode pack.

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