New tyres ... and Xmas cheer. - ian (cape town)
Just come back from central town, where I'd enjoyed an evening of soda-water and lime juice.
Persisting down here tonight, and I was down to 40km/h as the torrential rain made vision virtually impossible.
Arrived at a set of lights, only to have clown drive across my bows at high speed ... (my light was green). Fortunately I was able to stop in time.
I had a new set of Pirellis put on the front on Friday (good old Xmas bonus) but wonder what would have happened had I been driving on the old set of Dunlops, which were 'legal' according to tread depth ....
I get shivers just thinking about it.
Re: New tyres ... and Xmas cheer. - Brian
I took the bike in for a service last week and they changed the back tyre.
I hadn't thought it needed it, but looking at the old one it was down to the wear indicators in the centre of the tread.
The outsides were hardly worn so it looked OK on a casual inspection.
That's what comes of having an upright riding style and travelling mostly on straightish roads.

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