Fiesta 1.1 woes. - Ashley
Hi all,

A friend of the family has just bought a K plate 1.1i Fiesta Freestyle. Since they've had it starting it has become a pain. This was traced to a collapsed 'cat', and this has since been replaced. The problem is now that it won't start at all ! If the ECU fuse is removed, it will start but only on the fuel that is in the sytem, after that it cuts out. With the fuse replaced it won't start at all.

It seems as if the ECU is overfueling and flooding the car. Would remapping the ECU do any good ?

Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Seasons greetings to all !

Fiesta 1.1 woes - David Lacey
My future sister in law has EXACTLY the same problem, same car and I mean exactly.

I think it is an ECU fault, but I will not mix family and business. Ever.

It has been to three garages to no avail, I think a Ford Dealer is the next logical step, but whats the car worth? £750??

The repairs could total £500.

What do you do?

SELL IT!! is what I say, whilst the going is good.

David ;-)
Re: Fiesta 1.1 woes - Ashley
Thanks David,

The car is actually a L plate, and they've only had it a fortnight ! I've told them what you've said, and they're going to try and find out what it will cost to have it checked over in the local dealership.

It's a nice car with not a vast amount of miles under its belt.


Re: Fiesta 1.1 woes - T lucas
I sold one of these a couple of years ago and the punter was back crying with what sounds like a very similar problem,thing was the car had a cat and he thought it would be a good idea to try and run it on 4*,anyway after he had owned up to his mistake the car was filled with unleaded thrashed to within an inch of its life and recovered enough to keep him quite.Maybe a possibility.
Re: Fiesta 1.1 woes. - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Sounds like someting has been disturbed possibly while changing the cat. Did the cat actually break up? If so then debris from the monolith may have made its way down the exhaust blocking it completely. The symptom then would be that the engine will start and run for a few seconds then stop. Put your hand against the tailpipe when attempting a start, you should feel significant pressure, if not remove the oxygen (lambda) sensor and try again.If it now runs clear out the exhaust
ps Merry xmas!
Re: Fiesta 1.1 woes. - Ashley
Yes, the Cat was making a noise as if something was loose inside.

I will go down and see them later and pass on your suggestion. Let's hope that it turns out to be something cheap and simple !



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