renewal of cam belt - bruce
My Mondeo,reg Jan 97 30000ish Mls,is coming up for its 5th service,one Garage is saying as it is 5yrs old the Cam Belt and Tensioner should be changed,the local Ford Garage goes along with this although the Hand Book says 10 yrs or 80000 Mls.
Advice please,
Re: renewal of cam belt - Brian
This topic comes up quite frequently. I think HJ's recommendation is 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, so your dealer sound in line with this.
Re: renewal of cam belt - John

Its 5 years or 80000 miles,whichever is first-I wouldnt leave a belt in any engine for 10 years!!
Reckon on about £150-£200 for the belt and tensioner all in.
Re: renewal of cam belt - Alwyn
I have been told that if a Ford dealer does the job, then the belt is guaranteed and so is any collateral damage if it breaks. Is this true?

Being a trusting soul, how do I know if the dealer has actually changed the belt? I am told it is a pig of a job due to space restrictions.

My wife's 1998 Mondeo has done 53,000 miles and we have no handbook to guide us on the belt change frequency so I will be watching these replies with interest.
Renewal of cam belt - David Lacey
Change it at 50K/5yrs MAX!

£200 should see the job done - its not that bad a job, after all.

Belt warranty is a grey area. I have no experience (Thankfully!) of this area but I could imagine it is a nightmare. Liability insurance comes to mind - I think the manufacturer would try to wriggle out of any possible warranty claim.


Re: Renewal of cam belt - David W
David L is right, breakage of a belt within a "warranty" period is something I hope never to see.

It is a grey area. For example it is possible for a small stone (the size of a pea) or bolt to drop in the belt cover and get trapped between the belt and the pulley. This can make a hole in the belt that then fails, perhaps within a few hundred miles.

No-ones fault but if you'd paid someone £200 the month before to change the belt you 'd be after them I guess.


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