A4 ABS and airbag - adverse camber
On our 98 A4 Quattro tdi the abs has started cutting in at low speed light braking. So when just coming to a halt at junctions etc. I have plugged vag-com in and it shows no faults (at rest). I intend to go out with a friend and see what it shows up when the problem occurs. I have done a search on google and have come up with a possible sensor fault. I will take them out and clean them, is this likly to be the problem ? I dont fancy the cost of a new abs controller or pump.

Also the airbag light has come on. Does anyone know if the wires pass under the seat ? Its my wifes car but I use it as well and the seat gets adjusted every time (1 foot diff in height) and I seem to remember being told that the wires can be damaged under the seat. I haven't put vagcom on this because Im not sure of the exact controller, and vw had a problem where if you try to diag the airbags the light comes on and will never go off.



A4 ABS and airbag - jlo

I am sure somone with more tech know how than be will be around soon. With the question to wires under the seat I belive the your audi has a seatbelt tensioner which is attached to the Seat belt reel rather than some cars have the seat belt tensioner attached to the seat belt stalk hence wires under the seat to link it to the airbag system.

So not sure if wiggling the wires under the seat will help in an audi.



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