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ecotec probs - Vauxhall Cavalier - quester
hi,i have a 1995 2.0 gls 16v injection cav,it has been fine untill the other day the ecu warning light came on,i used the home method of shorting the pins out to be able to read the codes,which were,24-vehicle speed sensor-no signal and 92-camshaft sensor-incorrect signal,i was hoping that you may be able to tell me, A: does the car have to be running to get the vss or is the sensor just no good and B: what does incorrect signal on the cam sensor mean is it that the sensor has gone or has it got to be adjusted to get the correct signal.Could you also tell me if poss what is involved in changing both sensors,any help would be most appreciated.
many thanks

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ecotec probs - Vauchall Cavalier - elekie&a/c doctor
The vehicle speed sensor is attached to the back of the speedometer ;does the speedo work? If the speedo drive cable is broken then the vss will not produce a signal.Cam sensor probably needs replacing .(now modified with an adaptor harness)situated behind plastic cambelt cover.
ecotec probs - Vauxhall Cavalier - Dynamic Dave
24-vehicle speed sensor-no signal
A: does the car have to be running to get the vss or is the sensor just no good

I think the engine needs to be running.
and 92-camshaft sensor-incorrect signal,
what does incorrect signal on the cam sensor mean

You can't adjust the sensor. However it has been known for the electrical contacts to get dirty and give a "noisy" signal, thus giving an incorrect signal.

Details here of how to change the sensor. It's instructions for a Mk3 Astra, but the engine is the same in your Cav.


But first I would just pull the electrical connector apart, spray with wd-40 and put back together to see if it clears the fault.

ecotec probs - Vauxhall Cavalier - quester
hi, thanks for all your help,have solved both probs,wish i had found this site long ago,just one other thing,do you know by any chance where i can get an electrical diagram for my car?the one in the haynes manual does not seem to cover the ecotec engine,i tried to match it up but a lot of the colours are different,the haynes covers all mototronic systems but not the simtec56. many thanks
ecotec probs - Vauxhall Cavalier - Dynamic Dave
One quick google found this:-


which then lead to this:-


and this:-


Any good?
ecotec probs - Vauxhall Cavalier - quester
hi dave,thanks for your help info was perfect very very helpfull thank you again!!

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