PAS problem. Any help?? - Jason
Hi All,

I am sure one of you technical people can point me in the right direction.

Car is a 1995M Cavalier V6. Yesterday the steering felt much less assisted than usual and generall pretty stiff and horrid. Something is defintely wrong. Until yesterday no problems.

I have checked the tyre pressures and these are correct and there is no liquid leaking from under the car. There don't seem to be any new and obvious noises either

Any ideas what the problem might be and what sort of horror might I be facing when I take it to Vauxhall in the new year.

Thanks in anticipation
from Jason

p.s: I really enjoy reading this forum. Good range of topics.
Re: PAS problem. Any help?? - John S

First check is PAS fluid level - is it still up to the mark? If not, then that's the problem.

If it's not then there's probably a leak somewhere - PAS systems don't usually need topping up.


Re: PAS problem. Any help?? - Richard Hall
Obvious first check - make sure the drivebelt for the power steering pump is still in place and has not become too slack, and that the system is topped up with fluid.
Re: PAS problem. Any help?? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
After checking the above, check the colour of the fluid, should be bright red,. If dark or even black indicates rack or pump failure.

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