passat screenwashers - Tim Storr
I'm reasonably pleased with my passat which I bought a couple of months ago, but am irritated by the useless screenwashers whose nozzles are fixed to the underneath of thew bonnet. The manual says their position is non adjustable, but the jet of water is aimed about 5 inches from the bottom of the screen.
I'm used to getting a pin out and changing the direction of aim on previous cars, but this doesn't seem possible on the passat.
Has anyone else had this problem, and can anything be done about it?
Re: passat screenwashers - Nicholas Moore
My Rover 600 has non-adjustable washer jets, and these aim perfectly in the middle of the screen when driving at low speeds which gives great cleaning. When driving at motorway speeds, the slipstream causes the jet to hit the screen much lower down so that you get effective washing then also (avoids all the wash just flowing over the roof!). I guess that you are stuck with it, I'm afraid. How steeply raked is the front screen on a Passat? (very on a Rover 600).
Re: passat screenwashers - Gareth Lewis
It's just possible that the fixed washer jets on the Passat are the same as those on the audi TT. They, too, are under the bonnet. They are black plastic, and look like a short tube or barrel. Close inspection shows that they have a cam mechanism whereby to adjust the squirt angle - though not by very much. But with a screwdriver, and much nail biting in case I broke it, I was able to lift the contact point on the windscreen from about the height which yours are to something higher.

Long shot, but maybe the Passat and TT share the same parts?

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