Paintless dent repairs - BrianT
There are several operators offering 'paintless dent repair' for small dents and scratches. They seem to charge about £70 per go. Anyone had any experience with these? Does it work? I am thinking of getting a couple of door' dings' done before selling the car but would like to know if its worth it .
Re: Paintless dent repairs - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I have personal experience using "Dent Magician" at Small Dole in West Sussex. Car was a Merc E320 met silver with a shopping trolley ding in a rear door. Result was 99.9% but only because I knew where it had been.....
Re: Paintless dent repairs - T lucas
Depends on the dent and depends how good/bothered the repairer is,which is probably true of any repair,but when they are good the result can be quite astonishing.
Supermarket trollies - ian (cape town)
Surely the big Supermarket chains should be able to come up with some system of soft bumpers for the trolleys?
Or is this too obvious?
Re: Supermarket trollies - Matt Kelly
My experience with a dent caused by a supermarket trolly was down to sheer laziness on the part of a fellow shopper. Rather than put the trolly in a trolly park they had left it on a bit of pavement in the car park. Said trolly then made its way down the lowered part of the kerb and began rolling towards my car. I was sitting in the driver's seat and only happened to glance in the rear view mirror to see it making its way towards the back of my car. Couldn't quite get round the back of the car in time to save it. From now on I'll park facing the trollies so I can see it coming earlier.
Re: Paintless dent repairs - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

By pure co-incidence, as I didn't know my colleague Andrew Moorey had used them, I have also been to Dent Magician at Small Dole. Even they had doubts about accessing the double-skinned panel at the leading edge of my wife's Mazda 323 bonnet, but 3/4 of an hour later it was perfect (after a roof tile fell on it overnight). We recently sold the car, and I told the purchasers about it, told them it was the bonnet, and challenged themto find it - they couldn't !!

Regards, Adam
Re: Supermarket trollies - Brill
My father's car was damaged by an out-of-control trolley in the carpark of his local supermarket. He pointed this out to the manager, who arranged for the dent to be repaired at their expence. Good for customer relations. Worth asking if this happens to you.

Re: Supermarket trollies - BrianT
Thanks for the info everyone, and Phil Goodacres e-mail. I'll give it a go!

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