V40 side marker lights - Ian L
Can anyone help?

My Volvo V40 has orange side marker lights at the front and rear.
(Supposed to aid visibility to other cars in a side on view).

One of these has a failed bulb and I want to change it. The manual gives detailed instructions for a number of other bulbs but says to refer to dealer for all other bulbs (including these).

The side marker lights are hidden inside the front and rear bumpers.

I would prefer to do the job myself if this is possible, any ideas? One lens is already cracked where somebody has tried levering it out with a screwdriver.

many thanks

Re: V40 side marker lights - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

My own V40 handbook does cover this, although I have never had to try it myself - yet !! I quote: "Press the lamp backwards and pull out.Try to loosen the lamp insert with your fingers if possible.Otherwise use a stiff piece of plastic or wood to protect the paint. Turn the bulb holder counter-clockwise and pull out. Replace with a new bulb. Press in the bulb holder and twist clockwise. Reinstall the lamp by preeing it into the bodywork".

Sounds easy, doesn't it ! Illustration shows lever being applied at the rear edge of the front marker light.

HTH, Adam
Re: V40 side marker lights - Ian L

Thanks for that, will try it out next weekend in the daylight.

I will also recheck my manual (2000W) since I dont remember seeing this covered when I quickly checked this morning before posting my query.


Re: V40 side marker lights - Peter Mason
Some bulbs are impossible to get at with normal sized fingers - what I've found useful is to find something tubular(short piece of plastic pipe, pen barrel, etc) and stick some pieces of StickyTab or similar to the end. This enables you to remove the bulb by pressing and turning. Replacement in reverse. This works on locations where the access is hardly wider than the bulb.
Hope it's of some use.
Happy Christmas, Backroomers!

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