Buying a car online - sparkymark
Looking to buy a new car online. Does anyone have any tips as i am a little nervous about this?

I want a new Fiesta ST. At present best deals seem to be

Broadspeed at a little over £11000 and uk car discount at a little under £11500

Has anyone had any experience with either of these sites?

Any help gratefully received

Buying a car online - pafosman

Unfortunately I have no experience of the two you have mentioned. This week I have placed an order for a new car with Nationwide Car Contracts. I have found them friendly and efficient. The price is very competative. The interest rate of their H.P. deal is extremely good! The whole experience has been far more satisfactory then any of the 3 Fiat main dealers I have tried to do business with. OK, the vehicle isn't in my possession yet, but so far I am very happy. Good Luck.

Buying a car online - blue_haddock
I've no experience of either of them but Broadspeed have been around for quite a while and UKcardiscount have good feedback from the backroom. UKcarbroker have them for £11250

I saw one the other day in a nice metallic mid blue and actually liked the look of the little blighter!
Buying a car online - sparkymark
What are UK car broker like?

Are there any big disadvantages in buying on line rather then going to the local dealer?

Buying a car online - VTiredeyes
or get a clio sport ?
have you test drove one?
you could get 22% of a brand new one, if you know of anyone with a friends & family discount.
paid just £11500 for mine.
Buying a car online - sparkymark
Haven't test drove one but it's not for the want of trying. It is for this reason that i'm considering buying over the net (once i have managed to drive the thing and assuming i like it) as i am not impressed by the service at my local dealer.

Rang up to arrange test drive and was told they didn't have the car at the branch but would collect it from another branch on the day i wanted to drive it. salesman told me he would ring me in the morning before picking it up but it could be early afternoon. Waited in and no phone call!!!! A complete day wasted. Rang them yesterday to see what happened and was told someone would get back to me. Guess what - no call!
Buying a car online - sparkymark
Sorry is that £11500 for the clio or the Ford? Have no friends and family at either however
Buying a car online - VTiredeyes
Buying a car online - sparkymark

My experience was with a Ford dealership. What's the Clio like? Is it the 182? My only worry with the Clio was the higher running costs, insurance and higher price
Buying a car online - Burnout2
The Fiesta makes a lot more sense as a first performance car for a young driver - so a lot depends on your age. If you're as ancient as me (30), Group 16+ cars aren't usually too painful to insure.

On the other hand the Clio is genuinely fast, as opposed to just reasonably quick like the ST, and is an absolute bargain at £11/12k. I used (UK sourced cars only) to buy my own Civic Type-R, but since their best price on the ST is just over 12 grand, I would imagine the cheaper prices you've quoted are imports or pre-registered examples.

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