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General: outdoor car covers - Roger Jones
I have a J-reg MB W126 arriving in a couple of weeks and it will have to live outside. Does anyone have any recommendations about good covers? The last one I had was a couple of decades ago and it was as efficient at keeping moisture in as at keeping the rain out, but I'm sure there are good breathable fabrics about now. All suggestions welcome.
General: outdoor car covers - Altea Ego
The only ones worth considering are the ones that have a rigid frame and where the fabric does not contact the paintwork. If it does the car will sweat and movement of the fabric in the wind will abrade the paintwork.
General: outdoor car covers - GrahamF1
Disagree. I have one that I got from Halfords for £60 or so, used on my Spitfire. Made by a company called Tyvek (or something like that) and carries the DuPont branding too.

It's completely waterproof and breathable. The inside is soft and doesn't do anything to the paintwork that I can see - and East Anglia is very windy, it blows around a lot.

I've put the car away wet or dry, in all temperatures. No condensation ever forms, and no water leaks through - even when an inch of snow covered it and subsequently melted. Put it away wet, and the breathability allows the water to evaporate just the same as it would in the open air.

I didn't really believe their claims when I bought it, but was surprised. DuPont don't put their name to any old rubbish, and I'd highly recommend it. I suppose it's the same principle as a breathable Gore-Tex jacket.

No connection other than as a satisfied customer.
General: outdoor car covers - Victorbox
Covercraft International probably do some of the best outdoor tailored car covers if price is no object. I couldn't find their website quickly but one example of a distributor is here www.vertar.com/car-covers.asp They regularly advertise in classic car mags like Practical Classics, Classic Car etc.
General: outdoor car covers - Roger Jones
Many thanks for these responses.

I have been in touch with Covercraft and was a bit taken aback by £310 for their Weathershield product. Perhaps the Halfords one is worth a try.

I would have thought that there must be little or no risk of damage to paintwork. The manufacturing companies would be wide open to law suits if damage could be proved.
General: outdoor car covers - GrahamF1
The only warning Tyvek have (it's called a Tyvek 'Topcover') is that you shouldn't put the cover on with the car excessively dirty (like solid mud, etc.)

I really can't recommend it highly enough. I was skeptical of the claims, but reasoned that something was better than nothing in the absence of a garage. The DuPont name also gives me a lot of confidence.
General: outdoor car covers - RichardP
I also have the Halford's Tyvek cover in XXL for my 1982 Granada which lives outside. It's very good, but my car does sometimes get some water on it (only a few drops here and there and some condensation) after a rainfall, but any water which gets through soon evaporates again very quickly. Make sure it's tied on well though as it really does pickup with the wind if it's not tied on properly using the supplied elasticated lines!
General: outdoor car covers - Roger Jones
Am I right in assuming that the Tyvek covers are available in various sizes, but are not in fact tailor made, as are the Covercraft products? That would explain some of the price difference, I guess.

Thanks again for further comments.
General: outdoor car covers - volvoman
Argos do 2 breathable car covers -

Item#740/0328 - RAC approved cover @£34.99 (5.5mx3.5m)

Item#740/0586 - Dupont Tyvek car cover for £39.99 (5.5mx3.6m).

IIRC Tyvek is also widely used as a waterproof but breathable membrane in the construction industry. Tough stuff it seems!

General: outdoor car covers - GrahamF1
That's correct Roger, the Tyvek covers come in S, M, L, XL. They are not made for a particular make or model.

The medium fits my Spitfire will a little room to spare, just to give you an idea of the sizes. I imagine the XL is absolutely enormous.
General: outdoor car covers - Victorbox
Roger, This is another company I was trying to remember yesterday. Might be a bit cheaper? www.carcoversuk.com/
General: outdoor car covers - Roger Jones
Many thanks, Victorbox. I've sent them an e-mail.

I had a look at the Halfords range yesterday. I'm not sure that even the XL Tyvek will do the job on the 16'6" W126, and it seemed very flimsy. In light of comments here and elsewhere, I think I may go for the more expensive tailored option after all.

Thanks again, everyone.
General: outdoor car covers - Roger Jones
Specialized Car Covers have replied promptly to my enquiry, with a brochure, samples and an order quote of £221.49 all in for a tailored cover. Does anyone have any comments on their product?
General: outdoor car covers - steveo3002
another vote for the halfords tyvec here, i tried a coversystems and it let water through, so on the reccomedation of some freinds i tried the halfords one

if you uncover it after alot of rain there can sometimes be a little bit of damp..like a steamed up bathroom mirror, but its very good, mines been on for 5 weeks or so with snow and ice and the car is still minty clean underneath

i find it stays on in strong wind/sroms without the straps, but if bad weather is expected i use the straps that came with it

mine cost me around 60-65 form halfords, but a few freinds have taken advantage of the halfords sale where they are reduced to £40 ish..prob an easter sale on soon???

oh and never cover a dirty car ..it'l scuff the car and dirty the inside of your cover
General: outdoor car covers - buzbee
Used one once during a hot summer. Plastic in contact with paintwork. Result: stained paintwork due to chemical reaction with the plastic! Unless you are sure of what you are using, use a frame.
General: outdoor car covers - GrahamF1
If it's just made of plastic, it's dirt cheap and little better than a tarp. Why cover a car during a hot summer?
General: outdoor car covers - RichardP
Long exposure to sun fades and damages paintwork. In a few small areas, the lacquer of my 1982 metallic Granada is 'peeling' slightly and the top of the dash is slightly cracked.
General: outdoor car covers - GrahamF1
Yes, but we live in the UK. A few weeks here and there isn't going to hurt it.
General: outdoor car covers - fabrics


A suitable outdoor waterproof breathable fabric for car covers would be KBT-RPM250 PU coated polyester.


150cm wide, i guess you can knock a car cover up with around 8 mtrs.

General: outdoor car covers - edlithgow
Long exposure to sun fades and damages paintwork. In a few small areas, the lacquer of my 1982 metallic Granada is 'peeling' slightly and the top of the dash is slightly cracked.

I can confirm the first bit.

In a few small areas, the original top coat on my 1986 parked-outside-in-Taiwan Skywing is visible. Apparently it was red.

Elsewhere its primer grey which I've patched by rubbing with aluminium foil and sunflower oil, which stops it rusting.

I've thought of fitting a cover but its a bit late, though it might prolong the life of the plastics a bit.

Fortunately I'm not very big on washing cars, since a lot of paint comes off when I wash this one, which isn't very motivating.


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