New model A4 ergonomic problem - El Dingo
Picked up my new model A4 2.0 TDi S-line 2,500 miles ago. Already have problems with the gearbox (obstructive and crunching into 2nd gear, sometimes can't get first at all!) and suspension like a bouncy castle (I think the front dampers are faulty) so much so that I bounce out of the driver's seat on some B roads.
I also have trouble getting comfortable - I get left leg aches and now back problems - I think that the foot rest next to the clutch is too high or at the wrong angle. Audi only say that I have to keep adjusting the seat until I get comfortable, but by then the seat is so far back I can't fully depress the clutch!Anyone else get this problem, and has anyone found an answer?
El Dingo.
New model A4 ergonomic problem - Aretas
I don't like the foot rest. Unfortunately it seems to be a hatchet job to remove it as the plastic part is screwed to a substantial welded bracket. Mine is an auto, and I would love to stretch out my left leg, but it then rests under the huge brake pedal. I would love to saw the brake pedal in half but haven't had the courage to do it. If I had an accident I see loads of problems.

There is also a problem if you sit too far back, when a glance over your right shoulder gives you a view of a door pillar and not much else.

I have no problem at all with back ache as I have the lumbar support option and it solved any back problems I have had in the past.

No problem with suspension - I have 15" wheels fitted for comfort rather than the more usual 16". Steering is not so sharp but at a certain age comfort overcomes boy racer instincts.

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