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The cost of tyres is now the third highest element of car ownership, after depreciation and fuel. This is because service intervals have increased and wearing parts last much longer, while tyres wear out quicker because of "better" rubber compounds, tread patterns and suspension design.

What we need is published comparative data for tyre road tests so that we can choose which tyres for our cars. It's easy to find performance, price, economy comparisons for cars themselves, but not for the tyres.
Re: Tyre Test Results - IAN M
Which? magazine do these reports about annually. Local libraires normally have copies/backissues.
Re: Tyre Test Results - paul
Go to tyres-online. There are comparative tests lifted from UK and Euro magazines. Should be enough there to help you choose.
Re: Tyre Test Results - Rob
Is it really true that manufacturing costs of a R17 tyre is several times that of R13 - or is it just the case that people who drive larger-footed cars are simply more willing/able to accept higher tyre prices?

Re: Tyre Test Results - Mike Jacobs
Roger,why not try tyres-online.co.uk There you will see the Giant tyre test. Probably the best ever done and one that will surprise.
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Re: Tyre Test Results - Dan J
Cheers for that Mike, very interesting reading...

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