EU Legislation on Petrol and diesel - David Nicholls
ownder which of the major fuel companies will be the first on the UK market to comply. i understand that fuel in Germany is already of a lower if not zero Sulphur level.

and will Fat Gordon be tinkering with the tax levels.....AGAIN

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Sulphur-free petrol mandatory from 2005

The introduction of sulphur-free fuel will be mandatory in EU member states from 1 January 2005, and its use mandatory from 1 January 2009, following political agreement by the Environment Council on 12 December. Sulphur-free fuels are expected to speed up introduction of modern fuel-efficient technologies in cars and other vehicles.
Sulphur-free diesel will be mandatory from 2009 subject to a review by the Commission in 2005. "...these fuels will help clean up the emissions of older more polluting vehicles and improve air quality for people throughout the European Union", sais Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom following the agreement.

Sulphur in fuel degrades the performance of exhaust after-treatment devices such as catalytic converters. The removal of sulphur from petrol and diesel will enable new automotive technologies to be optimised further, and will lead to significant reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide
Re: EU Legislation on Petrol and diesel - Andy Bairsto
The crap you buy in the UK could not be sold in the rest of main land europe,its no wonder you need injection cleaners etc unheard of in Germany.My fuel consumption in my BMW runs at 9.7litres /100km on my last visit to the UK it rose to 11.3 and I was driving slower.Blame the refiners they have been getting away with murder for years in the UK

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