speed camaras - Andy Bairsto
In Germany last week the results of camara tests were published showing that all camaras were inaccurate,some giving different readings even though the pass speed was the same,Some camaras were giving reflections of walls and almost doubling the real speed.But the biggest problem was the angle that they were set at, a small deviation in the Azimuth and direction created a variety of in correct readings.This problem is now becoming a national scandel with both the police and engineers agreeing that there is a massive problem.
Something to think about because the camaras commonly used in the UK are not as accurate as the German camaras according to their spec.It must also be said that the results were as often in the drivers favour as the otherway round.
On my return trip from Essen to Dresden yesterday I noticed many had covers on them and others without doubt turned off.
Re: speed camaras - careful driver
suggest someone tells the telegraph editor and the bbc about this
Re: speed camaras - Anthony Farrar
The camera which caught me a few years ago in Worthing often flashes when there are no cars in sight. Perhaps its just testing itself. Andy - That's the one in Broadwater Road.
Re: speed camaras - Brill
The southbound light on the A3 by Roehampton Lane seems to have a mind of its own. It regularly flashes with no car near it, or after one is well passed it.


Re: speed camaras - Dan J
That camera always was a sod - it'd scare you by flashing when you went through it at 30 (40 zone). I can even recall watching it go off about 4 or 5 times whilst sat in a non-moving jam for 20 minutes! Would love to have been sent a ticket of that one from an automatic system.

Our camera recorded your speed as:


Please return your license so the appropriate endorsement can be made...
Re: speed camaras - Paul
Hi - I run The Speed Trap Bible - www.speed-trap.co.uk and was interested in where you got the following from as I'd like to dig into it further and then do a press relase on it to stir up some media interest. Can you let me know where the info came from please ?
Re:Paul reply speed camaras - Andy Bairsto
The information was in last weeks and this weeks Auto Bild issues 49 and 50,
I think their web site is www.autobild.de
Re: speed camaras - markymarkn
Hi Paul,

Ive looked at your site before. I found it very interesting and factual. Top Job.

Re: speed camaras - Honest John
There are links to Paul's excellent site in old news items in the news archive on this site.

Re: speed cameras - Bill D
Anyone who reads German could try checking out this site:


The only bit I understood was the picture of the camera!
Re: speed cameras - richard turpin
Paul, i've looked at your site. There are a number of bad mistakes. Worse than in the real bible. For instance your info on the time limit for speeding prosecutions and NIPs is wholly wrong. The NIP is satisfied if the notice is sent to the RECORDED KEEPER within 14 days. Period.
Also the 6 months runs from the date of the offence to the date the INFORMATION IS LAID. The summons can follow on later. The 3 years from when the prosecutor had information disclosing an offence does NOT apply to speeding.
If you want to be serious I suggest you employ a pupil barrister to look these things up for you. You'll probably only have to pay him a couple of hundred to go through the information on your site and make it accurate. At the moment it is "POOR" and that's being generous.
Re: speed cameras - MattM
Andy B

Is the article actually on the website? If it is could you post a link to the actual article then I could view it through a translator. I've no idea what to look for otherwise, and I'm sure it's the same for others.


Re: speed camaras - Brian
Over Christmas I am determined to see if I can set off our local one without using a vehicle.
Presumably this is not an offence !
Our local village street used to have a 40 mph limit. That was a bit too high and it had been bypassed, so our council dropped it to 30 mph, partly to encourage use of the bypass, which was badly designed in that the natural traffic flow out of town was still straight on through the village, whereas access to the bypass required a right turn and an extra set of traffic lights.

Then, to everybody's amazement they put in a camera as well, although to the best of my knowledge there was no accident blackspot at that location, plus the limit had just been lowered so there was no accident history with the new limit.
It very rarely catches anybody and is just an annoyance and a distraction to double check your speed instead of concentrating on the road.
Re: speed camaras - Brill
So Brian, how do you intend setting if off?

Difficult to run that fast when you're full of mince pies and brandy.

Re: speed camaras - careful driver
tin can swung round on a bit of long string does the trick so the rumours go
Re: speed camaras - Steve Warren (UK SpeedTrap Gui
A metal bin lid used as a Frisbee will set off a Gatso.

I been playing with my own radar gun and got some very interesting effects.

1, Pointing it at a sign, no speed until a lorry thunders by, the vibration gave me a readings

2, Pointing it at a speaker with music or voice playing, speeds of 100mph plus

The results we came upon was that any vibration caused spoof readings.

So to test it further, we mounted a metal plate on a speaker, turned up the volume and dove past the gun at 30mph with the boot open and the speaker pointing back, the gun gave speeds of over 100mph.

Seems that any vibration will effect radar, that could be as simple as a metallic object on your car vibrating and upsetting the gun.

Lorries with flat backs will also give odd readings and the police have confirmed this when they sent a NIP to a driver that knew he was doing 2mph but they said he was over the 30mph limit.


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