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VW Passat - Electric window won't close - Gordon A
As per subject really. When I tried to close window today, it got approximately half way up, stopped, and then went down slightly as if obstructed. Have cleaned along where the glass meets the inside of the door and also used silicon lubricant on everywhere that I can find is in contact but still can't get it to close the last inch or so. It's now smooth in operation but it's as though it thinks it's closed when it's not!
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - gingerwizard
what year passat?
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - Dynamic Dave
Sept 2001 according to a forum search.
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - Gordon A
Sorry, yes it is a 2001 model. Taking it to the dealers this morning as they reckon it needs 'reset' so will see what that involves!
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - AR-CoolC
Don't pay the dealer to do a re-set, your hand book tells you how to do it!!
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - Gordon A
Have had to have a new lifter (3B2837462) fitted at £65.75 exc VAT. The explanation was that some wire inside had frayed, thereby rendering the mechanism unusable. Seems a bit poor for something that was only 3 years old last September!! At least that car's dry now!!
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - wonderwheels
I had a March 2001 Passat and around Christmas my passenger window stuck open.Tried to get it to move a number of times before it eventually "gave up the ghost" and stopped working altogether.Allegedly a very common fault with these cars.I had to get a new regulator mechanism fitted.£77 + VAT for part and £80 labour.However, I spoke to VW customer service and it is a recognised problem.Not common enough for a recall,but I got 50% compensation against the part and the labour.I sold the car last week and bought a Vectra.VW no longer deserve the recognition for build quality.Worst value car I had ever owned.In the 3 years I owned the TDi I had the dash and turbo replaced,new boot struts,new reg plate light,new hazard switch,electric window repaired,c/locking repaired,interior light wiring repaired,new rear window (element fail),alarm sensors replaced.On top of that the depreciation was ridiculous.
VW Passat - Electric window won't close - Gordon A
Thanks for that information. Have been away this week but fully intend on writing to VW about this.

"If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen." Obviously something my window wasn't aware of!

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