More on water in the gearbox - Darcy Kitchin
I have a '96 Citroen Synergie diesel. In early '99 I successfully (so I thought) drove it through about 50m of floodwater up to bumper height, avoiding a collection of locals who were offering to tow me through using assorted tractors and 4x4s, and not for free, either. This is the only time it has seen serious water. At 72,000 miles (last week) the dealer changed the gearbox oil and reported getting a quantity of rusty water out of the gearbox as well as the oil. He says it must have come in through the breather on top of the gearbox. There have been no ill effects until yesterday when gear selection became really difficult after a 40 mile run.
What do I do; is there a magic additive out there or do I write off the gearbox?
All suggestions from the team would be most welcome.
Re: More on water in the gearbox - John Slaughter
You have (unfortunately somewhat belatedly) done the right thing and changed the gear oil. Having water in the 'box won't have helped, and may well be the cause of the problem, but the problem may be the clutch rather than the gearbox. If it's not freeing off properly it will make gear selection difficult. I can't help thinking that if the problem was gearbox wear the problem wouldn't have suddenly appeared. Needs a careful look at by the dealer, but he'd probably recommend (rightly at these miles) a new clutch if the 'box is changed, so be careful, that may be all you need.


Re: More on water in the gearbox - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I agree with John. Most likely cause is that the splines on the input shaft have rusted and the friction plate is siezing up. No simple cure apart from splitting the engine and 'box. You may as well fit a new clutch at the same time.
Re: More on water in the gearbox - Darcy Kitchin
Thanks very much, gentlemen.
Time to raid the piggy-bank, I fear.
Re: More on water in the gearbox - Darcy Kitchin
A bright fitter at the Citroen dealer thought the clutch was heavy when he drove it onto the ramp. The clutch cable had rusted and was badly swollen preventing free movement. I drive the car most days and hadn't noticed. One new cable and a change of gearbox oil later and I consider myself very lucky as the clutch operation and gear change is much sweeter.
There's obviously more to driving through flood water than keeping water out of the air intake and the exhaust.
Thanks again for your input.

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