Galaxy VW V6 HT lead shock - dipsomaniac
The first shock was the price, the second the amount of hassle/sweat involved in fitting the new leads.

Car was misfiring, sprayed water on leads in the dark and noticed some arcing near the leads.

After a couple of hours, starting from left to right managed to change 2 leads on the inlet manifold side. The problem is with the lead nearest to the throttle cable on the right (the one I now think is causing the arcing - TYPICAL) I just can't get it out. It sits around 5" down, there is very little space and the 'off the shelf' HT lead removal tool is useless.

Can anyone offer any advice/tips on how I can remove this lead and also whether it could be a plug causing the arcing or is it more likely to be a lead?
Galaxy VW V6 HT lead shock - VR6

As far as I know the galaxy V6 shares its engine with the Golf VR6. For the Golf you need a special tool to remove the plugs. Hazet make one, as do snap-on. You could try the dealer, but they dont like to sell them to you (VW anyway).

On the golf, a spark plug removal tool was supplied - attached to the bonnet stay - you may have one with the toolkit in the boot/spare wheel. If you do find a plastic removal tool - rememebr to only use it when the engine is cold - the VW ones tend to melt if the engine is hot. The hazet and snap on tools are about £40 (from memory) and made of metal.
Galaxy VW V6 HT lead shock - dipsomaniac
Thanks for your reply.

After phoning another VW dealer, managed to get my hands on the 'important' HT lead removal tool (£15). What a waste of money, managed to break it within 10 minutes. So was left with the 3rd (from 6) HT lead cap attached to the spark plug. After an hour trying to remove it, lost patience and had to resort to the crowbar to break the plug with cap still attached. Have now fitted new plug together with 3rd HT lead. 5 days gone 3 HT leads down only 3 to go. Will keep you informed.

Motto of this story is: Need leads changing - take car to a garage


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