How much is my car worth? - MuttleyMcLad

Colud i have some idea how much, i could get for my car as im considering selling it...

1994 (L) Peugeot 306 1.9 diesel non turbo, 3 door, miami blue. 98k miles, mot till Dec, tax till aug, very clean, no rust. Face off CD player, peugeot 'cyclone' alloys.

Parts replaced since ive owned the car (bought April 2004)

New wheel bearing
3 new tyres & balancing
new exhaust
new discs/pads
cambelt change
2 services (all filters & fluids changed)
Mot failure which required 2 new front wishbones.
And just a few little things like bulbs etc.

Great runner, 50 + mpg, 2 small car park dents, as to expcected for this age of car. Its a straight honest car, and i would welcome any inspection.

Any ideas

How much is my car worth? - Altea Ego
you dont say what spec it is.
900 quid. Grand tops.
How much is my car worth? - MuttleyMcLad
Its a 1.9d Mardis Gras 3 door, 5 speed, sunroof, rear wash wipe, thats the spec its a pretty basic model, but its less things to go wrong! Would anybody on here be interested?

Cheers Rich
How much is my car worth? - blue_haddock
I've got a 5dr 306 1.9D coming in part exchange 1st March - price paid £200.

I would say as a private sale £500 - £600.

You could break the car for parts and get a similar amount doing it that way as well.
How much is my car worth? - Hugo {P}
"Would anybody on here be interested?"

By all means use the classifieds section Rich.

How much is my car worth? - Civic8
Seem to sell quickly in my area.Around £750 mark..Though being a diesel another £100 on top..Mileage not a prob as long as sound engine.Prices Vary according to area..
How much is my car worth? - GrahamF1
My girlfriend might be interested, she has a thing about the 306.

Whereabouts is it located?
How much is my car worth? - bikemade3
Don,t know if this is any help but i sold privately a Lreg Citroen ZX 1.9D middle of last year.In the end got £950 for it against an advertised £995 ONO. Had many peole come and look at it but the delay in getting the new car meant we could not let it immediately go.

Advertise it for £1000 and see who turns up, Diesels hold their value if it's semi decent it'll sell.
Best of luck and don't give it away.
How much is my car worth? - MuttleyMcLad
After careful consideration I think im gonna keep it, since its only worth say 850/900 quid, and ive spent that on it in the last 12 months! Its not really worth me selling it. If i save up a coulple of grand and get sumthing else in a few months i will put it in the classifieds on here.

Thanks for your reposnses.


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