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having just had another wallet crunching bill for £450 for a service from mercedes I've had enough. I'm about to change company cars and have seen Mondeo Ghia X hatchbacks(2.0 tdci - 6 speed) at motorpoint for under 16k. looks a nice car and very comfortable. Anyone got one and can give me an idea of running costs for service etc I'd be grateful. I've had two mercs and a saab and you might as well pin £20 notes to your clothes and let them pluvk them off as you walk into the dealer.


new car - SlightlyFatRep
Hi Dom,
Strangely I am changing my company car away from a Mondeo Ghia X! Admittedly mine is a 2.0 petrol, old style and an estate (but I still love it!). The service prices are OK if you ring around a few dealers for a quote first. Some of the big main dealers are a rip off, small garages more interested in service and your loyalty than huge mark-ups are very reasonable.

If you go for the TDCI try to get the Euro IV version - it will save you 3% extra company car tax and they are plentiful if you look hard. They were a few hundred pounds extra when new. Price is about right, but still try all the usual car supermarkets. If you go Ghia X make sure you try one first. The big alloy wheels make the ride quite harsh and the leather seats seem no-where near as comfy as the fabric ones. Consider a Ghia as well.

I was going to go for another Mondeo but looked arround at alternatives that were a bit different.

I have ordered a Volvo S60 D5 S. An amazing 2.4 Turbo Diesel (163hp!), and this will save me £500 a year in company car tax against my Mondeo.

Well kitted (Climate control, Dynamic Stability Control, alloys, fogs, CD, ABS, EBA, more airbags than you can shake a stick at, fabulous seats, etc, etc). Also far less common on the road. Motorpoint have them at £16,999 inc. Metalic paint, (getting mine from a dealer up North for the same price) - list price with metalic over £22k. Will hold it's value better and is not just another Mondeo. Go on, stand out from the crowd! They have just been facelifted as well. Check out the website. Happy hunting!

new car - cheddar

I have done 86k in my '02 Ghia X TDCi 130, not totally problem free though I would highly recommend it, service every 12500 minor cost about £140, major (every 37500) about £200, all main dealer, Ford customer service excellent now days. Average consumption around 48mpg, over 50 easy on a run. Leather seats are fine, 17" wheels do make ride slightly stiffer than, for instance, a Ghia on 16" however I have driven a Zetec S on 18" wheels and that was only slightly stiffer again and quite acceptable. Ride is good at low speeds, as you press on handling is great, car seems to stiffen up, steering is pin sharp, little body roll, great fun!

Mine is a 5 speed, top gear is about 31 mph per 1000 rpm (less than 3000 at 90!) the 6th in the 6 speed box is even higher geared meaning more gear changing (though only similar economy), i.e. if motorway traffic slows below 55ish a change down is needed where the 5 speed just stonks away. The 6 speed box would not put me off though.

The balance between performance, handling, practicality and economy is excellent.


new car - dom grimes
thanks for these comments. I took a diesel zetec out for a test and was very impressed. 16k for a ghia x sounds a bargain. the company I work for has bought about 6 cars from motorpoint and had no problems.


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