Wheel Alignment Centres - Keith
Sorry to anyone I have asked before but does anyone know of a good 4 wheel alignment specialist in the North East? I have searched the web but can only find a few places down south.

From looking on the web I believe that the Hunter machines are the best so if anyone knows someone who has one of these all the better.

Re: Wheel Alignment Centres - richard price
Porsche have a very good system a silverlink park wallsend, but it will be expensive, give there service desk a ring and ask where else it can be done in the area.
Re: Wheel Alignment Centres - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Phone round all the tyre places, preferably the independents and find one with "Supertracker" laser 4 wheel system. My local independent down in Crawley has one and even I can do my own tracking accurately!!

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