ex motability at auction - derek
the trout has set her heart on a picasso.

im thinking of getting one at auction for her as i cant imagine that a a motability picasso will carry the same concerns as an m3 or something, the idea is to buy a 3 year old ex motability one, have it a year sell it privately and go and get another one, thus never loosing my £6000 investment and getting a new car every year id like to know what you think ???


do the motabililty cars that go to auction have an mot on them i know they have a print out of servicing but no stamps in the warranty but that doesnt bother me,
i dont think they are taxed or are they.

i would imagine the thing to do would be always get the strong colours
im after an hdi sx

i would appreciate your views

many thanks
ex motability at auction - Stuartli
Ex-Motability vehicles are usually difficult to find as they normally represent an excellent buy, having usually been properly cared for and serviced regularly.

I checked over a Ford Fiesta 1.25 with just over 18k covered at a used cars outlet on behalf of a friend; the car was clearly well looked after and has since proved a long serving and reliable vehicle - the fact that it was ex-Motability provided a strong incentive for recommending the purchase.

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ex motability at auction - Pugugly {P}
We looked at buying a pug for mother a couple of years ago from a pug dealer. They were covered in biffs and dings.
ex motability at auction - The Bear
One of my sons first cars was a low mileage 3 year old Pug 106.
It came via auction direct from the supplying dealer who had serviced maintained it and given it an MOT to help it on its way. It gave him a history and 3 years trouble free motoring.
ex motability at auction - stackman
Westbury Car Auctions in Wiltshire has a Motability sale every Tuesday and there are usually a good half dozen Picassos.

Most 3 year old cars will have an MOT done but sometimes the certificates are missing. You will need to phone the dealer on the printout to get a duplicate certificate.

With Picassos the diesels make £1,100 - £1,500 more than the same age/mileage petrols so make sure you really need that fuel economy.

Some of the motability cars that get down to the auction are the ones they haven't already sold through their direct sales scheme so you do tend to see the ropier end of the market. There are however some good buys and the histories are cast iron.

You will also find that in order to tax the car you may have to apply to your local LVLO to have the taxation class changed from disabled to PLG (or whatever that is now) as they will not do this at the post office.
ex motability at auction - derek
how do i get ghold of this irect sales scheme
ex motability at auction - stackman
You buy yourself a forecourt, a portacabin, a sheepskin coat, trilby hat, some bunting and Bob's yer uncle.

Their direct scheme is limited to dealers only.

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