"The Real Car Show" - rg bhaji
"Is it me" or is anyone else sick of telly programmes reviewing multi-thousand pound cars that most of us can't afford?

I just caught 90 secs of Top Gear showing yet another "flash motor". Click. More interest on this site.

Sure, there is the "kids nose against the toyshop window" syndrome, but, all the time? Please!

(Any television industry bods reading?)

Maybe there's an opportunity to produce something that relates to what most of us do, which is keep a 3yrs + machine on the road and avoid rip-offs. And try not to get killed or kill people.

Too much "catwalk fashion" of the car world. How about something a bit more "High Street"?

Which is what (for me) made that programme "Deals on Wheels" (Mike Brewer plus one other) decent viewing. Real cars and their snags. What to watch for. Real people. How to hustle.

Even the "reality" bits of Top Gear seemed to go when Clarkson and the baldy lizard trader bloke left. We're just left with pop-eye Vicki grinning behind yet another supermini/italian supercar, etc, etc. No Vicki, we don't fancy you. See recent string on VBH vs Penny Mallory.

Nothing on roadcraft. Or any of the stuff that comes up on this site. I recall that the "Top Gear" of years gone by had a much broader brief.

Or maybe I'm 41 and the hormones have kicked in...

Re: "The Real Car Show" - Phil
Damn, I was just about to come on here and have *another* moan about TG to vent my frustration at how cr*p it is - and you seem to have started it again.

It is like anybody who knows anything AT ALL about cars has left the program and got some upstarts with media degrees to run the whole thing. It is just so bad... the only mystery is to why I keep watching it. I remember now - it's the only thing on about cars!
Re: "The Real Car Show" - Moosh
I don't think the team at Top Gear would be bothered to read your excellent post. This site would be far too downmarket and practical for them.
Suggest you send them a copy direct?
Re: "The Real Car Show" - Tomo
What many like to see is what they would LIKE to be able to have, not more of the sort of thing they are stuck with?
Re: "The Real Car Show" - rg bhaji
Yep, point on aspiration taken.


At the risk of getting very "non-PC", I would say that most blokes would be bored if showed continual images of "anorexic chics/the model six". We might aspire to take Claudia Schiffer for a night out at the "The Little Chef" in Camberley, but her sister Caroline is probably far easier to live with, is more fun and easy going on a day to day basis, eats the occasional pie, and, gosh, occasionally flatulates in bed. More realistic and accessibile. More methane, but more realitiy as well.

(BTW there is a Caroline, so I understand)

Let's have Claudia. But let's have Caroline as well. There is life beyond the catwalk, and beyond someone, once again, "tyresmoke-doughnutting" some expensive long-suffering press-hack demonstrator on yet another deserted airfield. It's stopped being interesting and exotic. The ultimate motor journalism devaluation; we see too many supercars being thrashed and long to know what to look for on a three year old Elise. or how to get a diesel through an emissions test. Or the service department scams, etc, etc. Reality, please, mixed with the aspirational. Neither all one or all another, just a decent mix.

Rant rant. Past my Horlicks time, I think. Nurse, the screens, please.

Re: "The Real Car Show" - Kev
Theres a Rebecca too. Female domination is upon us :-)

Wonder why its moved to a monday night, I missed it, d'oh. Guess I didn't miss much.

You never know who could be reading, been thinking about it for a while, could KB stand for Kevin Blick, who I believe is the Top Gear magazine editor?

I think we should start our own TV show

Kev, with headache due to prolonged thought
Re: "The Real Car Show" - alvin booth
Agree with you entirely RQ apart from you suggesting that top gear used to be better with Clarkson. 99% of the cars he used to demonstrate were ferraris,lamborghini or some other exotic monster which no-one I know could afford to buy a spare part for never mind the car.
And when Tiff begins showing off how fast he can drive them round a track with his supercillious "look how good I am peasant" smirk prompts me to switch channels.
And yes Mike Brewer and the other two dealers who used to chalk a price on the windscreen make TV motoring programmes for the ordinary guy.
And that woman who uses phrases such as "this car is a hoot to drive" well..what can I say.
Re: "The Real Car Show" - ladas are slow
what we need is the program 'deals on wheels', it was just what the ordinary motorist wanted. it had - what to look for on second hand cars, real people trying to sell they cars, and two interesting presenters who told the facts, not some idiots saying things like 'this car is unreliable, and impractical but can do 160mph, and 'only' costs £60000 pounds.
Re: "The Real Car Show" - THe Growler
The World Beeb shows this where I live and it is an embarrassment. Filipinos have said to me quote they didn't think they had such stupid people in an advanced country like Britain, who would be silly enough to drive a beautiful car so badly and so on unquote. The one that always gets me though is "Why do they talk so strange? You don't and you're from there".....
Re: "The Real Car Show" - rg bhaji

Thanks for the kind words.

At the risk of repitition, I want to say that it's such a shame that, with motoring being such a rich subject field, we just seem to have broadcast output which focuuses on one end of it.

If there are any telly production types out there, give me a decent camcorder and a flexible breif, then I could do ten minutes of decent rushes on real motoring. I was almost tempted by the recent "Driven" presenter offer...

Or maybe I should just go out and finally sort the central locking on my Pug 405 non-turbo estate... (can you really see VBH getting dirt under her fingernails?)

Re: "The Real Car Show" - THe Growler
Love to contribute: we could do a sort of Auto Lonely Planet, then flog the rights to the re-runs to Discovery Channel........
Re: "The Real Car Show" - rg bhaji
"The Real Car Show" title is protected by copywright as of 2125 last night.....

Re: top gear magazine. - THe Growler
.................Zarathustra having spoken thus, and the site's collective opinion having excoriated this wretched programme, the question remains begged: who seriously enjoys the thing, why do the Beeb persist with it, where does it fit, i.e. it isn't entertainment, it definitely isn't informative, and it is populated by persons with a high egregiousness rating.

Perhaps the covert agenda is this: to make it so awful people will just watch it to reinforce their beliefs about how awful it is....we live in the age of media manipulation after all, and I guess any way of getting up the ratings is a good way.

I have nightmares about waking up one morning next to VBH....
Re: top gear magazine. - ian (cape town)
< >

Similar to asking who actually likes seeing Jimmy Hill on television?
It is, it just is.
Re: &quot;The Real Car Show&quot; - Phil
Ain't it the truth... Maybe the members of the backroom could have our own show! LAS could be Geordie/Lada correspondant! David W with the Citroens ;)

Low down on auctions - whats hot in the trade etc. Stuff on speed cameras, fuel prices...... I am getting carried away now.
Re: &quot;The Real Car Show&quot; - ian (cape town)
Growler, Mark (Brazil), andy bairsto and yours truly as foreign correspondents...
The possibilities are endless!
LETS MAKE OUR OWN CAR SHOW. - ladas are slow
i could be the person that drives the strange and weird cars (reliant robin V8, sinclair C5 turbo, lada supercharger)
Re: top gear magazine. - Tomo
Yes, I do like Practical Classics; not that I am going to weld up Toad, but it is just about cars, and some of these jobs they show are amazing.

Some of the models tackled are those of which it was alleged that they moulded sheets of paint and metal sprayed the backs, too.
Re: &quot;The Real Car Show&quot; - Honest John
I thought everyone knew that Top Gear was almost over, sold to Channel 5 and coming back with Quentin Willson. Meanwhile we have 'Driven' and when a quick car is demonstrated it is driven by this year's Touring Car champion, Jason Potato.

Re: &quot;The Real Car Show&quot; - Tony
Oh no,have we got to suffer QW again,i thought he had been found out and pensioned off,why dont they try someone new?
Re: &quot;The Real Car Show&quot; - Mark (Brazil)

I was reading the Top Gear magazine on the flight back to Brazil. It was, I think, the December edition.

Truly awful, facetious magazine with puerile commentary and shallow tests interspersed with inane pathetic schoolboy humour scrawled by a bunch of juvenile inadequates who would rather focus both their brain cells on the squabble to see who can write the wittiest [sic] last paragraph on his article than actually include any mature or informational comments.

Anyway, the editorial in the front stated quite strongly that Top Gear wasn't going away at all and it was just rumour.

So what's that mean then ?
top gear magazine. - ladas are slow
'top gear' magazine is like 'max power' magazine but without naked women.
Re: top gear magazine. - Mark (Brazil)
I tend not to get all that het up over 2-dimensional naked females. However, if it works for you, I guess its harmless and if Ralf can wear glasses in an F1 car, I suppose you can wear them in a skoda.
Re: top gear magazine. - ladas are slow
i didnt say that i liked the ladies (if thats what you can call them), i want a car magazine to be JUST cars, nothing else (no stupid remarks, no stupid bints, etc) i want a car magazine that tells you what you want to know, thats the reason why i buy 'practical classics' and 'car mechanics'.
Re: top gear magazine. - Brill
My 8 and 5 year old love TG.

Speaks for itself I guess!


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