What does the future hold for petrol cars?

What is the life span now for petrol cars? With electric cars coming in the research I have done says 2040 petrol cars will be phased out. If you own a petrol car by this date will you still be able to drive it and if so for how long?

Asked on 30 April 2019 by steve

Answered by Andrew Brady
Yes, you'll still be able to drive a petrol car and buy or sell it second-hand. The legislation simply states that manufacturers won't be able to sell conventional petrol or diesel cars new from 2040. Ultra-low emission vehicles will be exempt, meaning hybrid vehicles are likely to okay. We're a long way off 2040 and who knows what's going to happen politically between now and then... I suspect the goalposts will be moved quite a lot over the next 20+ years.
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