Renault defeated in small claims court - Ken Graham
The air distribution dial on my Renault Clio 1.2RN seized at 17,400 miles when the car was two-and-a-half years old. There was no warranty cover and Renault UK would pay only 75% of the repairs leaving me with a bill for £120 for a new heater box (total cost £480). I lodged a claim in the Small Claims Court complaining that the component was of unsatisfactory quality, lacked durability and became unsafe.

I won! The Court's Decree awarded me £120 plus interest and reimbursed the court's fees of £36. Renault UK have paid me in full.

It's a simple d-i-y procedure and the court's staff are very helpful with assistance and leaflets. Why not give it a go if you think you're getting a raw deal.
Re: well done - Greg Hill
Well done. If only more of us would do the same, the manufacturers would stop treating their customers with apparent disdain.

On a related subject, Homebase currently (following sale by Sainsbury's to a venture capital company) employ a draconian returns/refunds/exchange policy. Recently, they would not exchange a cracked item still in its mint condition packaging. Initially, I was going to go to Trading Standards, but then after some lateral thinking: I got around their stupid rules by buying the same item again, then going back the next day with the faulty item and the new receipt, and got my money back.
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - Stuart B

What reason did they give for non refund?

I always thought that if an item was faulty then even the receipt was not needed. The lawyers will put this in correct terms and I, for one, would appreciate a definitive answer.

Must admit that company was the one with which I had the biggest hassle even bearing a receipt for something they had sold which was faulty. Libel laws preclude more detail.
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - Mark (Brazil)
"[reasonable] proof or purchase" - frequently a receipt, not neccessarily so. Could be witness, credit card receipt, cancelled cheque, even a compatable ATM withdrawal and many other things.
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - Dwight Van-Driver
Well done Ken.

I confirm it is a simple thing to take a case through Small Claims Court which virtually only costs the issue of the summons (recoverable). Landlord attempted to keep the bond my son deposited on housing in London (common practice). Sued for return and won.
One thing you must do is RECORD everything you do and keep letters so that you can build up a file of evidence.
Those of faint heart have a look at
We are a complacent lot and should not put up with second class service.
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - John S

Couldn't agree more. Even the threat of action is sometimes enough. It got me a refund on some faulty electrical goods a number of years back, in the face of a 'Sony don't make faulty goods' and 'I'm not in business to give money back' retailer.

He was wrong on both counts!

He tried the 'you'll have to stand up in court and do this that and the other' routine, to which I replied I was looking forward to that. I then sent the 'refund or small claims court letter', and got back an 'OK on this rare occasion I'll give you a refund' letter.


URL Typo - Lee H
Thanks for the advice DVD, I'm just about to leave a rented house, might need your advice!

There's a small typo on the URL - it should be:

Re: URL Typo - Matt
Well done. Time we all stood up against shoddy parts and service
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - crazed idiot
well done, this is an especially good tactic against those i) who cannot disappear easily ii) have the money

it was especially cheerful to see a court award against a certain police force ("youll never win, you are wrong, we ARE the police")...

good stuff
Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - Honest John
Well done, Ken. But everyone else please remember that a Small Claims Court is a court of arbitration. Its decision does not become case law for another case, so even though Ken got a good decision it does not mean that you will, even on the same facts. And if the outfit you sue were to demand that the case be heard in a County Court rather than the Small Claims Court, things can suddenly become very expensive with no guartantee of success.

Re: Renault defeated in small claims court - Alyn Beattie

Think you are wrong about the outfit being sued having the right to take it to County Court. If they are going to defend they get it moved to a small claims court locally.

This is what happened when I took Sun Alliance to a small claims court. Perhaps one of the legal eagles can comment?
Re: Homebase policy - Greg Hill
I tried to explain the law to the Homebase manager, but he just said "you can take it up with head office - here is the address/phone; I have had to do this to 10 other customers today; it is new company policy"
Homebase policy - David Lacey
Sounds like a good reason to avoid Homebase, then.

B & Q anyone?


Re: Homebase policy - ladas are slow
if you are in the north of england, then try a DIY place called 'MAXWELLS' these people seem to care about your custom.
Re: Homebase policy - pugugly
How about the iromonger's down the road, cheaper, and they want to keep customers.
DIY value. - David W
As hinted at in a previous thread I have to advise the local recycling centre for DIY supplies on a Sunday morning.

Replacement Georgian style pre-glazed external door......

Great Mills - £125
Recycling centre - £12

Must mention the recycling centre returns policy, there isn't one. Don't even think about it - dog the size of an elephant.

Re: DIY value. - Dwight Van-Driver

Obviously an open and shut case.....


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