ecotec 16v - kev
I have been asked about information on a corsa with an ecotec 16v 1.2cc chain driven engine. Does one exist and if so where can i find some info?
Re: ecotec 16v - John S

This sounds like the curent model, which according to the brochure has a chain drive to the camshafts for the 1.2 16v engine. In addition, the 1.0litre 3cyl, 12v also has chain drive cams. None of the others; 1.4, 1.8 or diesels appear to use chain drive, so apparently are still belt driven.

Information - Vauxhall brochure is pretty comprehensive.


Re: ecotec 16v - Honest John
B it of a cheat, this, as these are really Suzuki engines. The Wagon R haa always had chain cams.


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