Peugeot 405 rust? - Mike Humpherson
In your car by car breakdown for the Peugeot 405, rust appears at the top of the list of what's bad.

Where should I look to check for rust on these cars?

I have looked at a few 405 estates already, but have not seen any rust problems.

Problems I have found are coolant leaks, heavy clutches on turbo diesels, leaky inboard driveshaft seals (gearbox oil leaking out) and rattling aux. drivebelt lensioners.

Thanks in advance,


RE: Peugeot 405 rust? - honestjohn
Dear Mike,

In the seams and in the brake lines. Get the thing on a hoist and have a good look underneath. Build of this cars is very 'light' (much lighter than a Fiat Tipo, for example) so any searious corrosion will make them very weak.

RE: Peugeot 405 rust? - Mike Humpherson
Thanks for the advice.

I found a 405 estate that I like, 1995/N reg. I can't find any rust in the seams at present,
but if this is a known weakness, should I be treating the seams with something to
prevent them rusting in future?

If so, what should I use, and where should I apply it?


Mike Humpherson.