You cant make it up. - Altea Ego
RF was working this morning. During my morning fag break.....

At Finsbury Pavement (the border between London Borough of Islington & The City of London) a motorist wanted to stop at the cash machine. He pulls over on to the wrong side of the road to park, unfourtunately going the wrong side of a keep left bollard to do so. Silly man was followed by a City of London police car (Rover ZT T estate in full livery) who promptly stops and gets out to book the silly man.

While the C-o-L Plod was writing up his ticket ( a £30 fixed I assume) a London Borough of Islington traffic warden pops up and starts to write the motorist a ticket for being on a double yellow. Coversation assues between Plod and Warden. Warden carries on writing ticket and the words "IF you carry on I shall book you for obstructing an officer in the course of his duty" is heard.

Warden carries on, slaps ticket on car and now incandescent with rage Plod grabs warden, cautions him, gets on talking broach and whistles up another City of London plod car (BMW 5 series touring - dont the C-O-L use nice cars!) and warden is promptly bundled into back and driven away to much cheering and clapping of the now assembled audience.

Plod issues bemused motorist with his 30 fixed, then takes the the ticket off the car window, and then asks man for name and address (presumably as witness for obstruction charge)

It will probably bee the funiest thing I wil ever see.
You cant make it up. - No Do$h
Fantastic! Wish I could have seen that. Bet the little twit of a warden was muttering darkly about his targets and bonus payments before he got carted off.

As for the 5 series tourers, you wouldn't want one when they've finished with it. No radio, no speakers, no aircon and a very hard life. My older brother is in the Met and has witnessed the damage that these cars suffer, usually to the suspension.
You cant make it up. - frostbite
Pity you didn't have a video camera handy - we'd all have bought a copy.
You cant make it up. - Retro
You cant make it up. - runboy
Read in the paper today of a warden who waltzed into the middle of a Auschwitz memorial service this week to tell the mayor to move his car from a loading bay parking space. Car wasn't causing an obstruction. And the wardens bosses defend him.
You cant make it up. - midlifecrisis
We've got a 530d Tourer, breaks down rather a lot. But at least it's got air-con!
You cant make it up. - Adam {P}
midlifecrisis, I know you've said before but I forgot. Which force are you in if you don't mind me asking?
You cant make it up. - john deacon
good on the copper, not sure in this case he was on strictly good grounds, but as i was not there etc

in a similar vein i saw the bib stop a "city council security" van racing through one of our larger cities, and tell the occupants to "stop racing because we are the police force not you!", made me laugh

You cant make it up. - paulb {P}
Hee hee!

I don't know, fighting over who gets the motorist's scalp, indeed. Such is life when they all get set targets.
You cant make it up. - Hugo {P}

Have you thought about your local press for tht one??

You cant make it up. - Badger
Has HJ thought about next week's ediion?
You cant make it up. - Altea Ego
Emailed it to the news desk at the *Sun. Time & place given. Lets se if they follow it up and run with it.

*It seems like a "sun" type news item.
You cant make it up. - Dynamic Dave
*It seems like a "sun" type news item.

Lets hope there are plenty of pics then.
You cant make it up. - Altea Ego
There are - the warden has them. Islington wardens take pictures on a digital camera.
You cant make it up. - Wales Forester
Can't you bung one of the local CCTV operators for some footage RF?! It's bound to have been caught on camera from some angle in the middle of London.

You cant make it up. - BrianW
At least some Camden "Parking Attendants" have a weird idea of truthfulness too.
The week before last I pointed out to a delivery driver that his van was being ticketed in less than a minute.
Told Camden that the guys were hot off the mark and the reply was that the attendants notes showed that they had spoken to the driver to ask him to move on before issuing the ticket.
Not true: It was I who drew the attention of the driver to the attendants when we were standing in our hallway with the door open!

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