CO2 adjustment - Danny
I have an 11 year old non cat but fuel injected Toyota. There have been occasional cold running problems so I took it into my local main dealer for a diagnostic.

They said my "CO2 was very weak" although everything else was fine. They have adjusted it -- but what precisely did they mean?

Incidentally, there was a fault code 28 showing up in the memory, which relates to nothing in the manual. Anyone else ever seen this?

I'll give Beadles Toyota of Medway their due, they only charged me the quoted price for 1/2 hour's labour even though it took them a lot longer. They did everything they said they would and more.

It only went in yesterday so I won't know for certain till a week or so if the adjustment worked.
CO% adjustment - David Lacey
It would have been the CO% (Carbon Monoxide) reading that would have been measured as being low. This indicates a weak air/fuel mixture. This would back up your cold running problems aswell.

You will probably notice the car will peform better and cold starting will be cleaner.

Fuel economy will also be better.


Re: CO% adjustment - Danny
Thanks for that, David. I had no problems at all from cold yesterday, although there generally aren't anyway on dry mornings. The car certainly seemed livelier. Beadles said they'd given the plugs a clean as they were dirty -- would this add credibility to your theory? (I drive 10.5 miles each way to work, and it's a good clear fast run generally. The day before the diagnostic I'd done a return motorway journey of 50 miles, so I don't think short runs are responsible for plug fouling.)



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