Leaky Cav - Andy W
I have L 94 Cavalier Hatch and for the 2nd year running there is water comming into the boot on the nearside.
I have had the light fitting off to check the sunroof hose, there was no sign of leaking. I fixed the broken ariel but the water still gets in. Help
Re: Leaky Cav - Julian Lindley

A strand of help may come from an experience with my MK11 Astra SRI which had a problem along similar lines. I have owned the car from new, so a sudden leak came as a suprise, wetting the boot area severely.

After removing boot carpets and boot verticle trim and with my daughter sealed in the hatchback with a torch, I sprayed the car vigorously with a hose on its rear end. The leak took a while to find as it was modest, but it turned out to emanate from a seam at the boots rear, just below the rear lights on the offside. The water was running down the inside of the outer skin close to the light structures. A visual assessment of the seam gave no indications that it had "sprung". I sealed it with a bostic strip material used for reassembling bolted wings onto cars, and very little was needed. Have had a dry car since.

Also check the grommets that feed the electrical cables through the body skin when you lift the tailgate.

Best of luck finding it,

Re: Leaky Cav - mike
there are two pipes running down into the boot, from the sun roof, to drain the water from around the sunroof moulding.

the ends of these often get bunged up with crap so the water goes in the boot.

i also found the rear light assembly leaked around the bottom edge.

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