'Q' plates still the same? - Phil
I was talking with a mate from the Isle of Man last night - he has a Nova with Manx plates. Anyway, he thought he could register it here and it would get a Q reg? Is this still the case after the change to xx51 xxx etc??
Re: 'Q' plates still the same? - Steve G
Q plates are for vehicles such as kit cars or vehicles that have no identity, cars which have been ringed(lost identity) or write offs rebuilt with major parts from many different vehicles.
I believe his Nova will be given a number plate which identifies its age i.e 1990 would be H123 FSU. I think most imported cars are given a registration which ends in SU.
Re: 'Q' plates still the same? - Phil
Thanks for the reply Steve. Interesting.
Re: 'Q' plates still the same? - Tom Shaw
According to the DVLA leaflet on the new plates the 'Q' plate will be retained in it's present style.

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