central locking pug406est1998 - mrbeginner
when i lock my car with the key fob it locks the car then i go back to the car later and its not locked ? also if i stay by the car and lock it manually it will lock then about 20 secs later it will unlock itself again?i have made sure all doors are closed . weird or what any suggestions
central locking pug4061998tdest - mrbeginner
central locking pug4061998tdest - P 2501
This has been mentioned on here before i think. It came down to the wiring loom in the door pillar that had broken down over years of bending, and had started to rub against each other and produced the symptoms you describe.

It can be solved by peeling back the rubber gaiter and identifying and soldering those wires responsible, or a trip to the dealer or peugeot specialist for a hefty bill!

hope this helps.
central locking pug4061998tdest - mrbeginner
thanks for you,re reply i will let you know the outcome

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