Tyre Valve Replacement - gav425
Is this something you can do yourself or does the tyre need to be removed? How much would they be?
The reason i ask is one of my rear tyres has a very short valve so short that i have to remove wheel cover to fill up.
Cheers for your help.
Tyre Valve Replacement - mfarrow
Whn I first read this I thought "that's easy, just unscrew the valve", then I realised you were talking about the stem! I always assumed they were moulded onto the tyre. You could try an extension piece with a screw end if you can find one, or use a bicycle tyre pump! Sorry I can't help further.
Tyre Valve Replacement - mfarrow
Well, a quick search found item 59710 from here www.motobins.co.uk/displayfinal.php?function=show&...S . Shame it isn't straight though! but you might find it useful.
Tyre Valve Replacement - Peter D
If you can remove the tyre and refit it then you can change the valve stem. Have you been down the pub all afternoon or what. Regards Peter
Tyre Valve Replacement - bert-j
The tyre has to be removed to replace the valve stem as the rubber part of the valve inside the wheel has to be cut off with a very sharp knife. A special tool is used by tyre fitters to replace the valve.
You can get tyre valve extensions but there is some doubt about how good they are. VW's fit a short extension whereby you don't have to remove a cap to inflate the tyre.
I would fit the correct long valves but you will have to pay for tyre removal, balancing etc. - probably about £5 per tyre.
Tyre Valve Replacement - Dynamic Dave
I would fit the correct long valves but you will have
to pay for tyre removal, balancing etc.

Most tyre garages I've been to mark where the tyre is in relation to the valve with chalk so that the tyre can be put back on the rim in exactly the same place, thus eliminating the need to rebalance. Most won't charge just to replace the valve either, but it's always polite to offer them a small tip towards their xmas fund.
Tyre Valve Replacement - Civic8
Can only repeat what DD said..To add. Kwik fit.Have always done punctures free of charge. also fitted new valve without charge..But I always go in while they have little/nothing to do
Tyre Valve Replacement - Andrew-T
Not only does the old valve have to be cut off, but a new one is pulled through the wheel from inside to outside. When replacing tyres you can ask for short or long-reach valves to be fitted.
Tyre Valve Replacement - pastyman
Hi there,
Go to any commercial tyre repairer/fitter and they will be able to supply you with a schrader valve extender, these are made of plastic or brass both designed to stay in place. The brass one is preferable as they can be screwed on and off when tyre pressures need to be checked.
Hope this helps.

Tyre Valve Replacement - ali1234

Can anyone advise me please, how much I should have been charged for a tyre valve replacement? Many thanks.

Tyre Valve Replacement - piston power

Approx £1.95 per valve fitted when buying a new tyre why do you ask to this old thread?

Tyre Valve Replacement - ali1234

Thank you. I had one replaced recently at Elite Garage, Haywards Heath and they charged me nearly 15 pounds. Someone said that I had been ripped off.

Tyre Valve Replacement - piston power

Unless yours is a special type of fitment still expensive at that what car is it fitted to?

Tyre Valve Replacement - ali1234

Its a corsa 1.2

Tyre Valve Replacement - gordonbennet
Depends Ali, did they have to jack car up, remove wheel, strip tyre off then replace valve and refit to car,
or did you carry the wheel in with the tyre already collapsed on the outside so they could just cut old valve off and put new one in.

The first scenario is a full remove/refit just the same as if you took a second hand tyre in and asked them to fit it, that would be about £15 and would seem fair to me.

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