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Anyone ,directly or indirectly,had experience of problems arising through accidents when trailer's attached. I tow a nearly new medium size goods trailer on a regular basis, all legal, (particularly in relation to car weight ). Must they be 'disclosed'to your insurance co. or are they by virtue of being coupled classed as automatically underthe car insurance? I don't want to run any risks which might ultimately prove uninsured withthe potential for horrendous costs.
Yes , the answer might lie in the policy doc. or by ringing my co, but would still like some hard facts.
Thanks Chris W.
Re: Trailers and insurance - Mark (UK !!!!)
Usual disclaimer blah blah your responsibility blah blah not mine blah blah............

Any third party liability occasioned by you with the trailer while it is attached to your vehicle will [usually] be covered. Any damage to the trailer itself typically is not.

Exceptions include motor racing, hire & reward and motor trade where you'll not only not be covered and you will also get sued by your insurer if they have to pay out.

Significant amount of towing would represent a material fact and should be communicated to your Insurer.
Re: Trailers and insurance - Mark (UK !!!!)
p.s. carriage of commercial goods is [probably] not allowed unless you have the appropriate business use for the car itself.

In any case, it must be disclosed and the goods themselves would not be insured with the potential for theft risks to be avoided for the car as well.
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When I lived in the UK my insurance made a special note to say I towed a caravan,In Germany it is compulsory to have third party but costs only 15euros a year plus of course the 50 euros tax and the plates.
Re: Trailers and insurance - Vin
Play safe and inform your insurer. Get the name of the person you tell with a date and time.

Two possible outcomes:

1. They charge you extra for cover (mine, Direct Line, didn't) and you're then covered against the horror of an uninsured accident.

2. They don't charge you, but you've told them so you're then covered against the horror of an uninsured accident.


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