Preserving an autobox - henry k
I have a late 98 Mondeo 88k miles with what I assume is the Ford CD4E autobox.
As far as I am aware it is the original box.
FFSH but I obviously do not know how it has been treated.
I intend to keep the car for some years.
Most comments from respected experts here are not very kind about this autobox.

So my questions about any autobox are:

Apart from checking the colour and level of the fluid, what else can I do to preserve it?

I am a gentle driver with most miles done in the urban areas.
No towing things.
What style of driving should I use?
What should I not do? I have a sport / normal button.
What are the signs of impending doom?

If the worst happens should I have it rebuilt or get an exchange box?

Preserving an autobox - Bagpuss
What should I not do?


At a set of traffic lights, put your left foot hard on the brake pedal, put the lever into "Drive" and press your right foot hard on the accelerator. When the lights change to green, release your left foot from the brake pedal whilst continuing to press hard on the accelerator and experience a flying start. Great fun, but only recommended for rental or lease cars.
Preserving an autobox - Aprilia
No towing.

The more gearchanges, the more wear. So city driving will wear it out faster than motorway driving.

Change fluid every year.

If stuck in very long tailback then knock it into N rather than leaving in D.

Can't do much more than that. They don't seem built for the long-haul, but at least when you do need a rebuild your rebuilder will have seen plenty before!
Rebuild of your old 'box (rather than exchange) is probably the best bet, although car might be off the road for longer.
Preserving an autobox - Schnitzel
Frequently replace the fluid with the correct type.
Degraded oil will ruin the box quickly, as once it degrades, further degradation ocurrs even faster.
Preserving an autobox - Imagos
CD4E autoboxs in Mondeos can't be that bad surely? If they are I made a wise decision when I bought my V6 Mondeo it's a manual but oh so nearly bought an auto!
Preserving an autobox - SjB {P}
Last night I took a cab from Linkoping to Ljungsbro in Sweden where I'm working this week. Another high mileage V70, this one was an LPG converted 2.4 170 with 306,000km (about 190,000 miles) accumulated in less than two years. I asked the cabbie what had been replaced other than routine servicing.


What really struck me though was the incredibly silky auto gear change for such a high miler.
Preserving an autobox - Pete M
Try having the transmission fluid flushed, rather than just drained and replaced. If just draining and refilling, most of the fluid in the box stays where it is, and only about a third of it drains out. Flushing renews all the fluid, with no old fluid left to contaminate the nice new stuff. Transmission specialists offer this, and it is the proper way of changing the fluid.

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