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I have lost the spare remote control (4 buttons) but still have the spare car key. Nissan wants GBP120+VAT for a new remote and programming.

Would I be able to buy a remote for a Nissan QX (4 buttons) from a scrap-yard and re-programme it to work on my car? Before anyone mention about after-market remotes, I do not want to go down that route as I want to keep the car as "original" as possible, though I do not want to expense of a new Nissan remote.

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Remote control central locking (Nissan) - Aprilia

Programming a new remote is easy - its on p.EL-259 of the CD-ROM repair manual and is as follows:

Get in the car. Close and lock all doors with the driver's switch. Insert and remove the ignition key over six times in l0 seconds. Do it at a rate of one insert/remove cycle per second. Be sure you completely remove the key each time. Turn ignition to ACC and press any button on the remote once. If the hazards flash twice, it worked! If you want to program more than one remote, unlock and lock the doors again with the driver's switch and press a button once on the next remote.

You can buy a new remote from Courtesy Nissan in Texas for about US$80 (shipping is about $10). Alternatively they come up on the US Ebay site all the time. They usually seem to sell for about $25 (£13). There is one on at the moment here:

He wants $6.50 for worldwide shipping.

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