Vectra SRi 150 - Paul Hewitt
I have a 6 month old SRi 150. It has traction control (non switchable), but suffers understeer when cornering (especially on roundabouts). It also tends to lose grip when pulling away from junctions. Tyres look ok. Anybody suffered similar problems? Any ideas/suggestions for correction? Honest John suggested this might be too much 'toe-in' - would appreciate any comments on this theory.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Jason
Does it do it mainly in the wet?

My 16vCav SRi does it also, common problem with front wheel drive.

What tyres do you have on the car? Have the fronts past there best? Maybe swap fronts to rear.

Cars have toe in to keep them stable in a straight line (motorways etc). Unless the car has it's front wheels knocked, then i've leave it the way Vaux intended!

BTW Your name is familer have I seen you on some of the Vauxhall forums?
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Andrew Smith
I thought front wheel drive cars were set up with toe out so that the power running through the driving wheels pulls them round to toe-in.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Andy P
I used to have this problem with my '89 Cavalier SRi. Going around corners in the wet - bad understeer even at moderate speed. Tyres were Pirelli P600 with good tread. Replaced them with Yokohama 520s and the problem disappeared.

Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Paul
The car has Michelin 205/55 R16's on it (good condition). Understeer is not confined only to wet conditions and will do it at slowish speeds. Seems the common response is its a 'Vauxhall SRi' thing. Its still under warantee and is in for service next week - so see what the dealer says. I don't know what others think but for a car with a 0 - 60 of just over 8 secs and a supposed top speed of 135 mph - it feels very sluggish through first and second. I am disappointed with the car overall and has had numerous problems over the past 6 months.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - robert
There is a common factor here - SRI. I had a couple of Cav SRI's (a '88 and a '93) & they suffered as well. ALL SRi's have close ratio gearboxes which make it easier to suffer lost traction but offer, in theory, better accelleration, but suffer from higher rpm @ motorway speeds (i.e 5000 rpm = 80 in an SRI and 4000 in a normal Cav with the same sized engine).

GSI's don't seem to suffer, but have bigger tyres - maybe thats it.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls
understeer is a problem with the vectra, full stop. it hasn't got the worlds most dynamic front suspension system, but i must say that mine SRi 150, 10 mths old and 32k now is nicely run in and goes like the clappers. as the guy in his new Evo 7 will testify this morning on the M*. had tyres chenged about 3k ago, was on original Michelins HX now on Dunlop SP2000, same problem but much better in the wet, especially standing water. tyres are too wide to run them beyond 3mm IMHO. Traction control cuts in now and again when pulling away from a wet junction, in the dry just get the odd squeel and then it goes.
my mine gripe is the gearbox which is the cable operated version, is VERY stiff when cold and not as slick as my previous Vectra (2.0 Di 98 vintage). any one else got this problem?? dealer alledges to have bled clutch but i think the selector alignment is out. still i dont pay the bills when the gearbox fails, but it does make city driving a pain.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Paul Hewitt
I am disappointed with the 'standing' start performance - it seems to rev high without really going anywhere! Had a 1.8 LS Vectra before which was not a bad car. Didn't notice the understeer as much - though in all the Vauxhalls I've had (2 x Astras, 1 x Corsa) its present. I think it is perhaps getting use to the close ratio gearbox and running it in a bit more. It is very quick between 40 - 100 mph.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls
Paul, whats your gear selection like. was it stiff and obstructive from new?? admitted its standing start is not blistering but probably down to TC making its self felt by adjusting fuel and timing. but once the wheels are turning then its good. wait til you get 20K on the clock then they fly. At 30 K mine is a dream, but can still get caught out on a road if speed drops and revs get below 2000. above 4000 its pretty smooth. brakes are damn good as well.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls
forgot to add to last message.... Air con has givien up the ghost. before Honest John says anything about keeping the seals lubed etc, i use it lots, as its the only way to stop the inside steamy up on a wet day. still under warrinty so not too bad. last vectra did 113k in 3 years with no probs at all. thing is not all vauxhall dealers can do the work and it takes 2 hours to check, put dyes in to check for leaks and/or re-gas it. will let you know after monday.

anyone else sufferred from similar probs with new A/C systems failing....even when used correctly????
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Paul Hewitt

Gear shift is 'clunky' and often get caught out from standing as you are fighting through the gears (usually by someone in a NOVA SR or such like). Mine has done just over 10k and have had the A/C repaired twice. I have also had the steering itself repaired (there was a mysterious thud every so often which Vauxhall traced to the steering). All done very nicely under warranty. It goes in for the first major service next week - so I am hoping that all goes well. When the car had only done 3k someone rear ended me (new bumper, exhaust etc - £1500 in total) - so I may be paranoid about noticing faults! I have had always had vauxhalls - last was Vectra 1.8 LS which wasn't a bad car - though I had a new shape astra before that (1.6) which was a bit of a dog.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls

dont you just hate it when some spotty 19 YO does that to you at the lights, in a car which should be in a supermarket car park. steering noises can sometimes be a bearing or bushing i believe which breaks down.

engine is pretty good overall, doesn't use a drop of oil though. i've had lots of Vauxhalls, two Nova SR's, Astra 1.8 and 2.0 GTE's, Vectra 2.0 Di was first company Vauxhall though. none of them except the Diesel used anywhere near the levels that Vauxhall say they can. just concerns me that i have to do 20000 between services, and i dont know what oil it has in. wouldn't do it in mine thats for sure.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Paul Hewitt
I get all sorts at traffic lights - mostly spotty youths. To be honest majority aren't worth the effort. You do get the odd BMW driver or (snigger) Golf GTi driver looking down on you. But the SRi will give most things a run for their money.

Havn't had mine serviced yet (this week). Mines not a company car and have it done every 10k (only do 12 - 15k per year).
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls
just got back from dealers. probelem with A/C is a leaking compressor.

looking at it, it seems quite a tight squeeze down in the bay, so dont expect to get it back when the parts come in for a few hours. good job its not summer!!

paul, did you try or are you using Shell Optimax?? cant say i saw any differance even with the fancy ECU, except for a slightly better cold start & running for first 3/4 to 1 mile from cold. ran it for around 2000 miles. gone back to 95 unleaeded. consumption didnt alter much, maybe 1 or 2 mpg.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - Paul Hewitt
Never tried Shell Optimax - just runs on unleaded 95. Around town I get 28 - 29 mpg. Longer runs 34 - 36 mpg at a steady 75 - 85 mph.

I colleague of mine runs a 2.5 V6 GSi (W reg) which he claims to have had it 'super chipped'. He claims it improves the mpg, gives a few extra bhp and a couple of extra mph. Not really heard much about it - and there must be warranty issues. He loves the car - had no problems and generally it goes like a rocket (shave at least a second off our 0 - 60 time and good for around 150 or so mph). Actually another guy form work runs a 2.0 ltr SRi (130?) - also W reg and also had no problems. He has got the switchable TC. Perhaps the newer engines on the 150s are causing a few teething problems. Took my car in for service this morning (havn't read the service booklet) and realised its every 20k not 10 as I thought!. Past Vauxhalls are every 10k. It was a pipe on my AC which was leaking and have now had it replaced twice.
Re: Vectra SRi 150 - David Nicholls
the older SRis were 2.0 and classed as 140 bhp. the new 2.2 are as you know Euro 4 emissions and ultra clean. the old 2.0 could trace its heritage back to the mid 80's i think.

interesting that you say about consumption, mine is similar around towns but has dropped to around 32 from 34-35 ish in the summer on a long run. think the air cleaner is getting a bit clogged as they dont replace until 40000.

mine was pipes as well. seems to be differant now, more metal sections and less rubber. so have i got too look forward to more probs with A/C i wonder. has HJ heard of probs with vauxhalls 2.2 i wonder. is it just a poor quality or specification issue.

getting a lot more wheeelspin this week since its been colder and road slimier. what tyre pressure do you use, my handbook doesnt list 2.2's, only 2.0 and 2.5 but as 2.2 is all alloy and so lighter am i using too hard a pressure at 31 psi.

think i'll put it to the forum.

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