Parking Rules & Signs - Stuart B
Just a quick question before I sign off for a few days.

High Street in a town which shall be nameless.

Double yellows along the road side.

Signs on the wall giving no parking sign and no waiting at any time.

Right that is a clear situation.

Same road further along, continuation of same double yellows without a break in the lines. Sign on wall saying parking limit 30 mins, no return within 30 mins.

All signs and lines appear to conform with examples in Highway Code.

So what applies where? I seem to recall the signs are the authoritative part but won't park there for three reasons, a) don't want a ticket, b) haven't got the time for the ensuing argument with the local authority however entertaining it might be, and c) its probably a dozy place to park in the first place but would like to know what the view of backroomers is.
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Andy P
How new are the double yellow lines? They may be a recent addition and they haven't got around to removing the sign/couldn't be bothered to remove it.

Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Stuart B
Not that new Andy, enough to be clearly there, but definitely been there some time which I would say is the same for the signs.
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Peter M.
Sort of connected with this thread - I remember seeing a scene from a film where the person parks in a prohibited area(lots of cars with parking tickets on the windscreens) takes one of the tickets from a car and puts it under his own windscreen wiper. Comes back later and replaces the ticket on the car he took it from, which now has a second ticket..
Has anyone had this happen to them?
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Tom Shaw
What a brilliant idea. Thanks for the tip, Peter.
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Sue
Do NOT attempt this anywhere in Bristol! Any car with a parking ticket on it is liable to be towed away a very short time afterwards, whether it is causing an obstruction or not. They will even tow you away if you overstay within an off-road car park!
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Dan J
:~) I remember someone doing that in "Cheers"!
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Independent Observer
The place to go is:

And from the electronid Telegraph - news of a guy who has just won a human rights case after being towed after parking illegally (but not causing an obstruction):
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Andy
This case (although just another example of why we probably should have steered clear of the Human Rights Act) may be good news for car owners. If we can show that we, as drivers, have Human Rights too, we may be able to put up a good argument against cameras, dangerous 'traffic calming' etc ??
Re: Parking Rules & Signs - Brian
Where I park my motorcycle in London there is an abandoned m'bike.
When the bay is full the next person drags this off the end of the line and puts their own bike in its place.
At the end of the day the "spare" bike has a ticket.
Take one's own bike out of the bay and replace the spare there, ready for the next day's battle with the Parking Attendants (no traffic wardens in Camden, only money-raising leeches, with parking meters at £3.60 per hour)

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