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Has anyone got an ignition wiring diagram for a Daewoo Nexia 1500 8v. I know it is in the Autodata volume 6 book but that is one i have not got.
This is a non starter ,with no output from the coil.I suspect it is the module in the distributor but would like to know input and output data for this unit.
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Is this the unit with four terminals (A,B,C,D)? If so then I have some information on test procedure.
If you post an e-mail address then I will e-mail you with the test table.
daewoo nexia - tmech
Yes there are two input terminals to the control module and four output. Two twin connectors to the coil pack.
daewoo nexia - Aprilia
Info sent to you.
daewoo nexia - tmech
Cheers for the info, much appreciated,i will check the ignition system tomorrow.
daewoo nexia - tmech
Thanks for the tech data. I checked the outputs and inputs at the control module. There was no continuity through the coil pack at the hall sensor. Removed the distributor and stripped it down. Found a broken wire where the shellac had deteriated. I have made a repair using fast setting araldite and checked the resistance through the coil pack. I will refit it tomorrow and fingers crossed it will work.
daewoo nexia - tmech
Put the distributor back in and hey presto a nice strong spark.
Still not able to start the car though?
The owner had put on a new cap and guess what, did not realise that the leads had to go in the correct place on the cap.
After relocating the leads all is now well and running fine.
Amazing what a dab of araldite can do.
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Can I have this info too please? I think I may need it very soon.
daewoo nexia - Lonewolf_61

I know it's a long shot given the time delay but, is this info still available at all as I have the exact same problem...

daewoo nexia - focussed

"The owner had put on a new cap and guess what, did not realise that the leads had to go in the correct place on the cap"

That's a classic chuckle that is.!

Another classic overheard in a service office - a phone enquiry.

You have a problem with your engine sir?

Is it petrol or diesel?

You don't know if it's petrol or diesel? (rest of office prick their ears up)

Here's how to check - are the plug leads metal or plastic? (muffled laughter from rest of office)

They're metal - in that case it's a diesel engine sir. (several service personnel rolling about with laughter)

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