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Peugeot 106 radio without code - mat brown
I've just bought a peugeot 106 series 1 ('94). I bought it from an auction - so no handbooks. The radio needs a code, which i incorrectly guessed. On a previous peugeot i owned pressing the 'm' button reset it but doesn't seem to work in this case. The radio seems to be the original peugeot. I'm prepared to keep guessing if i can reset it. Any ideas?


Peugeot 106 radio without code - Dynamic Dave

More than likely you'll need to contact your local Pug dealer and cross his palm with a small amount of silver to get the code (prob somewhere ITRO £15 - £20). For this you'll need some kind of proof that you're the owner of the car and something like a utility bill to prove your address.
Peugeot 106 radio without code - mfarrow

My mum had this exact problem with her 106. I dont think it cost much, though they had to get the radio out (to reset it?) and then just phone Peugeot. IIRC the only thing they charged for was what Peugeot HQ charge the dealer for the code.
Peugeot 106 radio without code - mat brown
cheers guys
i'll hunt down the dealer or change the radio

Peugeot 106 radio without code - NickCa
Had the same problem on a 106 (M-Reg). You can reset the code if you guess incorrectly, if I remember about 3 times, by holding down one of the keys (I can't remember which though). If you disconnect the battery for a while, it also resets. I phoned up the garage who sold me the car and persuaded them that they didn't give me the number and needed to find the number. I believe they called a central Peugeot number to find the code. They didn't charge me!
Peugeot 106 radio without code - madf
DON't spend any money ... see this (ebay again)



Peugeot 106 radio without code - Dwight Van Driver
Not politically correct but go hunting:


......tally ho

Peugeot 106 radio without code - Chuffer Dandridge
A brand new Car CD Radio will cost you £49.99 from Argos. A little more expensive than finding the code for your existing radio, but it takes minutes to install, and you'll have a brand new CD/Radio for your money.

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