Winter driving and tyre pressures - Chad R
I was wondering if there was any mileage (excuse the pun) in reducing tyre pressures (max. by around 10-15%), from the recommended values when driving in Winter conditions? By ?Winter? I mean icy /snowy tarmac roads and motorways.

The logic behind this is from 4X4 drivers who reduce tyre pressure when driving in sandy/muddy/snowy conditions to increase the tyre?s contact area and therefore grip. They reduce tyre pressures by up to 75%, this is obviously a bit drastic and also extremely dangerous on normal roads and speeds.

Is my logic off the mark here and is it that it's completely unintuitive and that increased tyre pressures are actually better ?

Re: Winter driving and tyre pressures - Stuart B
In snow maintain pressures on road. Pressures may be reduced in severe off-road situations to aid traction. Do not use pressures below 16psi and then reinflate asap.
Re: Winter driving and tyre pressures - Alwyn
Rally drivers use narrow tyres in snow conditions so it seems that reducing pressures would make the tyre wider and less grippy.

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