Peugeot Hatchback - Andrew
I have a 306 hatch. Problem is that when hatch is fully opened it does not stay in the open position ie it falls back down. On my fathers car (Same) when it gets to 90% of the top it actually rises. Do I take it that the strut supports are knackered and if so how much to replace
Re: Peugeot Hatchback - David W

Yes the struts are gone and this can be very dangerous if you are leaning into the hatch when the wind blows it down and the lock locates in your spine.

I guess struts are about £45 a side from Peugeot. Andyspares mail order do most struts for about £18. Also a firm called Pleiades (top exchange Citroen hydraulic parts suppliers) can re-gass them for about £12 a side.

Both firms are on the web if you search.

Re: Peugeot Hatchback - ChrisR
As David says, very dangerous. Use a broom handle to prop it open until you get them fixed. The voive of bitter experience.

Re: Peugeot Hatchback - Darcy Kitchin
Agree with you all. My stepmother was knocked nearly unconscious by sudden failure of the gas strut on her Citroen Visa GT. She says she noticed the tailgate sagging only a day or two before it let go.

Get it fixed, or it will be a headache
Re: Peugeot Hatchback - Brill
Yep, the other way of literally wiping the smile off your face is to drop a heavy suitcase into the boot, the jolt will send a dodgy hatch straight down.
Again bitter experience, and a new pair of specs into the bargain.

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