Fully synthetic motor oil - John Bradley
Can you please tell me the benefits of using Castrol GT Magnatec oil in my
Focus 1.8 Ghia. I only travel short journeys. I am not too worried about the
cost if it is good for the engine.
Re: Fully synthetic motor oil - Honest John
Magnatec isn't fully synthetic. It's only semi synthetic.

Re: Fully synthetic motor oil - Dave N
I would stick with the Ford oil from your local dealer. Search old posts for good reasons why.
Re: Fully synthetic motor oil - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

Magnatec is a very good oil, but just doesn't seem as good as some in certin engines. I would agree with Dave, and stick to Ford's own Formula E 5/30 which is a semi-synthetic, and actually made by/same as Texaco 5/30, I believe. We also see loads of Rover K-series 16v engines with sticky valve /jacking lifter problems when run on Magnatec, for some reason.

Regards, Adam
Re: Fully synthetic motor oil - Jason
Adam (or any other expert!),

Please explain the differences/benefits of the new semi synthetic/synthetic oils vs the old engine (mineral??) oils. My 1995 Cavalier V6 is shortly due for service and I will pay the extra for this type of oil if beneficial for the engine. Do you recomend them and is there any particular brand best suited for mine?

Thanks from Jason
Re: Fully synthetic motor oil - David W

Have you seen the FAQ 13 on this site covering oils?


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