Lethargic panel light - Ian Cook
This one's got me foxed.

99 Xantia with digital dashboard has, for the last couple of weeks, developed an interesting fault with the dipped beam warning lamp on the dashboard. When I turn the headlights on the external lamps light but the warning lamp doesn't. Then, Bingo! - 15 seconds later it comes on and behaves normally (i.e. I can turn the lights on and off and the warning lamp works properly).

I heard somewhere that these new fangled dashboards have processors to drive the instruments (fuel gauge etc) so is it likely that they use the processor to switch on warning lamps too?

Do any of the usual technical suspects have any idea? Contributions gratefully received to alleviate head scratching.

Re: Lethargic panel light - David W

Citroen are so advanced they didn't need to go digital for this effect.

My '93 Xantia dipped warning lamp is erratic and Dad's '96 Xantia is currently missing the sidelights warning lamp.

Also my rev counter illumination is out at the top right...unless you bang the dash and it comes on...only for the bottom left bulb to go out.

my old citroen GSA. - ladas are cool
my old citroen gsa used to light up like the starship enterprise, with two strange dials that never lit up (one was the speedo, but i cant remember what the other was), it was a very strange car to look at, and even more weird to drive. (it was stolen two days after my 20th birthday, i loved that car for the wonderful ride, it was found burnt out, behind a pub in north shields)
Re: Lethargic panel light - Brill
David, that's sacrilege!
Re: Lethargic panel light - Lee H
I love my citroen for better and for worse, we both have our faults...

OK, my old ZX would intermittently have zombie headlights that worked by themselves, going out only when I disconnected the battery, but it's the little things that make a difference.

Better than the car a friend owned that somehow managed to sound its horn in unison with the windscreen wipers....
Re: Lethargic panel light - Andy Bairsto
Its a common fault in the warning light matrix and CU its caused by a lazy relay coil all you can do is live with it ,Us Citroen lovers believe its part of the pleasure of owning one

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