Scrap it or repair it? - Chad.R
SWMBO's Punto* has just gone in for it's MOT and has failed on a couple of points; front brake imbalance, front brake pipes corroded.

"That's not too bad" I hear you say - however, apart from that, the brake master cylinder is leaking, the rear brakes need replacing, there is a fuel leak (on the fuel line near fuel filter), the fuel tank holding straps are corroded and they'll need to be replaced if the leak is to be fixed as the tank will need to be removed, there is quite alot of corrosion in general to the underside, the rear shocks are knackered etc. - you're starting to get the picture!

The independent garage (whom I trust), are quoting £572.00 as a "minimum" for the work but reckon it may be upto £700 as they have yet to get some part prices from FIAT.

Is it worth repairing (probably only to be sold straight afterwards anyway**) or should we cut our losses and scrap it? I'm on the "scrap it and be done with it" side of the fence.



* The car is a '94 Punto 75 SX 5dr, 68K with FSH, excellent interior and body.

** I wouldn't be happy "patching" it up to get it through the MOT and then selling it to some unsuspecting punter....

Scrap it or repair it? - CJay{P}
Be honest, state the facts and sell it on ebay. You will get at least £200.
Scrap it or repair it? - DavidHM
My feeling is that the car, if repaired properly, will be worth at least the repair cost, plus a little bit more if it is otherwise in as good condition as you say.

If you don't have it repaired, an eBay or other buyer will almost certainly bodge the repair himself and sell it with 12 months' MoT in questionable condition.

You won't get your money back as a p/x, so if the option is scrap or p/x, then leave it. Otherwise, if your conscience really tells you not to sell it on with the brake repairs needing work, then I can only suggest that you take responsibility. The chances are though that that means an extra few hundred quid for you that you simply don't need to spend.
Scrap it or repair it? - blue_haddock
the car is worth about a £1000, with seven hundred quids worth of work needed just to get an MOT i'd say it's not worth it as it'll probably need a similar amount of work for next years MOT.

Put in local free ads as spares or repair £200 and also on ebay as suggested previously.
Scrap it or repair it? - cheddar
Reckon it is worth reparing due to FSH, good interior and body.
Scrap it or repair it? - Chad.R
Thanks for all the replies so far, I 'm going to have a chat with the garage tomorrow. One of the main problems is the petrol leak - until that's fixed, I can't move the car. The MOT's going to run out too! I know, I know, I should have sorted it out sooner... :-(

Once I told the Mrs.R the news, she wasn't keen on having it repaired; We've been looking at replacing the Punto for while now anyway - though we've started looking at something smaller like a Yaris/Jazz than a Picasso/Scenic.

I'll let you on what happens tomorrow....

Scrap it or repair it? - Hugo {P}
If the car was everythin you ever wanted etc and you loved it so much that you really wanted to keep it on the road or it was some sort of classic, then would say it's probably worth doing.

Otherwise I am with the 'Cut the losses' brigade, especially if you were going to change it anyway.

As for disposing of it, e bay or a spares or repair ad in the local free advertiser. If you wanted you could take it upon yourself to break it for spares. This would mean more work but you would get some money for the bits and there is no way the car could ever be put back on the road.

Otherwise, the garage you use may be interested in buying it from you. They may repair it during a lean period and then sell it on. If you trust them as you say you do this is worth thinking about.

Scrap it or repair it? - Vansboy
Depends what you'd swap it for....

Another £500 - £1000 cheapie, then you'd best be going down the repair it, route.Better the devil you know!!

No point in stending out garage labour & full priced parts, costs, in the hope of getting this back, by selling it.Better letting someone else have the fun/hassle!!Don't forget you could easily spend another £100+ in adverts, if you can't find a buyer, easily!!

Sounds to me, like it's done its job & time to look for something else!!


Scrap it or repair it? - Chad.R
Just to close this thread - We've got rid of the car; A young lad (apprentice) at the garage showed an interest and I've "sold" it to him for the cost of repairs so far, new battery and MOT test fee etc. - basically around £120.

Perhaps not the best deal but certainly the right deal at the right time - 100% hassle free.

Now, SWMBO's quite keen on a Smart Forfour. Hmmmm, I can see the beginnings of another thread.......


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