Corsa anti-perforation warranty - R G Jackson
In Honest Johns Car-by-Car breakdown the New Vauxhall Corsa is listed as having a twelve year anti-perforation warranty, but the current Vauxhall brochure dated September 2001 states six years, has the warranty period recently changed?
Re: Corsa anti-perforation warranty - Ian (cape town)
Excuse my ignorance, but what is a anti-perforation guarantee?
I've never heard of one before ...
Re: Corsa anti-perforation warranty - Charles

In simple terms 'Anti-Perforation' means rust holes starting from inside the bodywork as opposed to outside which could have been caused from external damage. Hope this helps.

Re: Corsa anti-perforation warranty - Ian (cape town)
Thanks, Charles.
so a limited anti-corrosion warranty, in other words.
Not a phrase in use here yet, obviously!
Re: Vauxhall anti-perforation warranty - RogerL
The Astra has also had its anti-corrosion warranty reduced from 12 to 6 years. This may be because of the number of cheap Vauxhalls (Opels) imported by car supermarkets which do not have the same rustproofing as UK-specification models.

It's also a pain having to pay for an annual inspection just to keep the warranty valid.

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