Xantia Glow plugs - Clive Chattell
How easy are they to change, what sort of price are they?
Re: Xantia Glow plugs - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Fiddly, very fiddly. Not to be attempted by the faint hearted or impatient. If it is the turbodiesel the inlet pipes need to be moved and the glowplug behind the injector pump would try the patience of a saint!!
Would you concur, DW?
Re: Xantia Glow plugs - Ian Cook

XUD plugs are awkward to get at. You can usually do 2 or 3 OK but one or two are difficult, but not impossible. Allow about 2 hours DIY.

It's most important to have the right tools. The cable connectors on the ends of the plugs are 8mm (from memory) and the plugs themselves are 12mm but you need a deep socket (1/4" drive advisable) for some and a shallow cranked ring spanner for the ones where you can't get a socket in.

I have bought plugs from a motor factors for about £11 each.


DW will fill in the bits I've missed or got wrong.
Re: Xantia Glow plugs - David W
Yes all giving the right direction for this. Did one last week and have one just delivered to do tomorrow.

I do enough to have found just the right combination of open, ring and cranked spanners plus 1/4" drive sockets with long extension bars/knuckle joints. These come to hand now but a bit of a pig first time.

The one behind the injector pump is terrible and you just move what you see is a minimum to get acces for your particular spanner set. Often a diesel pipe has to be removed so the system may need bleeding.

Plugs from as little as £20 a set (Halfords) to about £10 each for "better" brands.

Re: Xantia Glow plugs - David W
Little bit to add as I've been into the motor factors to re-stock on glowplugs this morning. I was still using the last of them from the previous winter.

My factors have stopped selling their own brand or any of the cheaper plugs, too many complaints. That has pushed the price up a little, retail for the NGKs I bought is £12.48+vat. The cheapest I have found for a top grade plug is £6.50+vat (and postage) from Andyspares.

Re: Xantia Glow plugs - Ian Cook

As a matter of interest do you think there is much difference in "grades" of plugs?

The reason I ask is that I've just fitted 3 that I had in the garage to the C15D last week, and they were ZX TD plugs. It's a long story but I could only get at 2 of the ZX plugs with the tools I had at the time ( hence I had 2 new ones left over) and one of the old plugs I removed tested at about 2 ohms, so I reckoned it was serviceable in an emergency.

So 3 plugs fitted to the van, and it starts and runs fine.


Re: Xantia Glow plugs - David W

Here is the mechainc/fitter in me as opposed to the engineer.

I don't know excatly what difference you would find between different glowplug grades. I just know I fit the correct ones for any chargeable job.

But I think they are a little like a light bulb, there are loads of different ones but basically you can see when you turn on the switch.

As a matter of interest the C15D should take the same grade as the BX D/TD, the ZX D and Xantia D. The ZX/Xantia TD take a different plug, which also fits the XM 2.1/2.5TD.

The virtually identical Pug 1.9TDs take yet a third type of plug.

There seems little logic to it.

Re: Cheap Glow plugs - rogerb
My experience with 'cheap' glow-plugs, for my 405, was very expensive!
Starting problems appeared after about 3k miles, but I assumed the plugs were ok, and looked elsewhere for the fault, having a (starter?)relay replaced, at about £70 :-(
Surprise, surprise, on the next cold night, I got stuck & had to call the AA, who diagnosed.....yes, faulty glow-plugs !
To their credit (!), H**fords gave me my money back, and I bought NGK's .... no further problems.

And the moral is......

Value my car