Vauxhall Key Code Radio - holly1
Just wondering, can I transfer the key code radio from one Vauxhall car to another?

If so, which code do I use? Is it the one from the car the radio was removed from or the one its being place in?

Both cars are of the same age and we do have the key code for both vehicles.

Vauxhall Key Code Radio - Dynamic Dave
The keycode is relative to the stereo. Whichever car it's fitted in, it will still have the same code.
Vauxhall Key Code Radio - Dynamic Dave
I should also add that if it's got a separate display, then sometimes you have to marry up the display to the stereo; if for example you upgrade the stereo from a CAR200 to a CAR400. The only way you'll know is to fit the stereo, enter the keycode for it and see if it works or not.
Vauxhall Key Code Radio - SjB {P}
Remember too that if the car has a Vauxhall fit multiple CD unit, then this is likely to have a separate code as well, also entered via the head unit ('radio').

Certainly this applied to both my Vectra V6s, with glovebox mounted stack unit.
Vauxhall Key Code Radio - holly1
Thanks for that, I will try the radio's code first. The display bit might be a problem, although I am downgrading rather than upgrading the stereo. Just have to see what happens.
Vauxhall Key Code Radio - John S

The display will work while you enter the code. If it doesn't work then try this:

With the Ignition on, and radio off
Press and hold the 4 & 6 buttons on the set
Then switch on the radio keeping the 4 & 6 pressed
and the display will show "10-digit" which will then "toggles" to "8-digit"

Vauxhall Key Code Radio - holly1
Thanks JS, will have a go at swapping it over tonight.
As long as I can get the code entered and the radio works I am not really bothered if the display doesnt read which station its on etc. We are part-ex the car at a dealers anyway, but prefer not to let it go with the Sony unit that's in it now (but dont want to leave a hole in the dashboard either!!).

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